Monday, December 21, 2009


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We made it!

After we left the main group at the top of Fox Creek Rd we made good time to Woodside and straight on toward Inverbrackie which appears flat but is gently uphill. The last 5 km into Nairne was very quick with Steve Walker (Duracell Lithium) powering at the front at over 40kph.

We stopped at Mt Barker for coffee and buns for about 10mins then headed out of town up Wellington Road to Wistow. It is about 18km from Wistow to Strathalbyn and it is a great section of road - very fast and you do not really notice the long uphill sections because you hit them at good speed.

In our enthusiasm Steve and I got a bit ahead of Mike and Chris so we re-grouped at Strath for the remaining very flat 60km section to Goolwa via Langhorne Creek and Milang. The run to Langhorne Creek was steady at 30kph + then we turned south toward Lake Alexandrina where the wind picked up a bit. Just before we got to the Lake the Course Director embarrassingly 'hit the wall' and dropped off (he will be re-appraising his preparation and ride strategy for the TDU!!). Thankfully the others slowed down and Steve 'carried' him to Milang for a brief stop.

The next 20 km was backed by a gentle tail wind which we did not really take advantage of because the Course Director was still suffering - pace was only high 20's. After Finniss, Mike and Chris went ahead and Steve supported the ailing and slowing Course Director through Currency Creek (where Chris met his wife and loaded his bike on the car because he had to get to Cape Jarvis for the ferry). The final run into Goolwa probably had the strongest head wind and Mike stayed in front battling alone and finished a minute or two ahead of the relieved Course Director and fresh Steve.

Overall the weather and wind conditions were near perfect with a slight SE breeze - hardly noticeable until we got close to Lake Alexandrina

Average speed 27.8kph (should have been over 30 if we 'all' went at full speed) and ride time of about 5.45 from Norwood - elapsed time of just under 7 hours arriving at Goolwa at about 2.40pm. Three pints in the Goolwa pub were welcome.

Lessons from the ride -
- The first part is definitely the hardest (as expected) but the long flat riding is still a challenge
- Some of the roads are a bit rough - particularly near Nairne and between Langhorne Creek and Milang
- Very quick from Wistow to Strathalbyn - but save some energy
- The wind will play a significant factor on the day so try and get into a large group from Strathalbyn to the finish (we were lucky with perfect wind conditions)
- Make sure that you prepare well and have a lot of food and water - particularly early in the ride

I think we all got benefit from the ride in various ways and it should contribute to a much improved performance on the TDU day.

The Assistant Course Director (demoted for poor performance!)
Brian Virgo


Thanks to all the guys for making my inaugural ride with the "Bastardi Grassi" such a pleasure. Apologies to those in yellow jerseys who I nearly crashed into, and further apologies to those I ignored riding up towards the Sterling Hotel, I was in a bit of a panic as I was late home and my wife was threatening to sell my bike.

Look forward to the next ride, have a great Christmas !

Martin (the pom) Rawley

Friday, December 18, 2009


7.30am start from Norwood at cnr Parade - Osmond Tce.

We doing a 'practice' run of the full TDU course to Goolwa on 20 December 2009. Those not interested in doing the full route there are the following alternatives back to Adelaide:

Full TDU Route map

Back thru the Gorge from Lenswood : 70 km (less climbing)

Lenswood – Lobethal Rd to Norton’s : 60 km (highly recommend)

Balhannah – Greenhill Rd Thru Uraidla / Summertown : 85 km (takes in more of the TDU ride, big climb out on Greenhill)

Hahndorf - Mylor - Aldgate - Crafers : 100km (easier climb then greenhill - longer ride)
same route from Handorf used on th 6th 2 weeks ago.

- FS

Monday, December 14, 2009


Good effort by most to improve their times and if we gave out awards, one needs to go to Aldo who should be very proud of his efforts, taking three minutes off and moving down the board! The handicapping seems to be getting better with a field of 6 crossing the line at almost the same time, with another couple in the finishing straight. The jerseys came out a gem with the pack looking the part thanks to Warwick, Steve and Alf! Was great to see Adam back out on the bike after his spill early in the season! All the best to Geoff Stevens with his upcoming appointment with the knife. Again well done to all, with some good times on the board!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sunday Ride Report

Super weather greeted the dozen or so of us that rode on Sunday.
Great course set by Brian saw climbs up the Old Freeway, Carey Gully, Aldage Valley Road and Ayres Hill Road, with some bloody specacular riding in between.
Scenic roads, low traffic, blue skies and mild temperatures ensured that this was some of the best riding of the year.

Finger buns in Hahndorf completed the picture and there will be a repeat of this course for sure - make sure you don't miss it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Proposed ride for this Sunday - Crafers Hahndorf Loop (+ Glenelg option).

Course Highlights:
Practice climb for Old Freeway for next Time Trail Couple of great long fast downhills into Uraidla and Balhannah Easy but long climbs into Aldgate, Stirling and Crafers (including Aldgate Valley Rd which is a gem!) Fast run to Glenelg (for those who choose the extra distance)


Start at 7.30am at Hindmarsh Square - Pirie St - Hutt St - Glen Osmond Rd - Tollgate - Old Freeway to Crafers (practice run for the next official Time Trail) - Crafters Bus Station - L onto Piccadilly Rd - R onto Swap Rd - Uraidla - R onto Greenhill Rd - Carey Gully - Balhannah - R onto Onkaparinga Valley Rd - L onto Ambleside Rd - Hahndorf - R onto Mt Barker Rd (back toward Verdun) - L onto River Road - R onto Aldgate Rd - Mylor - L onto Stock Rd - R onto Aldgate Valley Rd - Aldgate - Stirling - R onto Pomona Rd - L onto Old Mt Barker Rd - L onto Piccadilly Rd (at the monument) - Crafers - Old Freeway - Tollgate - Home (OR if inclined for more distance - Cross Rd - Anzac Highway - Glenelg - Patawalonga Pde - Military Rd - Seaview Rd - R onto Henley Beach Rd - City - Home)

Distance - approx 60-65km - (+ 32km with extra beach run)

Balhannah - Verdun - German Town Hill - Bridgewater - Aldgate - Stirling - R onto Pomona Rd - L onto Old Mt Barker Rd - L onto Piccadilly Rd (at the monument) - Crafers - Old Freeway - Tollgate - Home

Probably about 5-10km shorter but a big climb up German Town Hill + no beach ride.

Brian Virgo

Monday, November 30, 2009


Good ride yesterday but unfortunately Geoff S had an 'off' on Seaview Rd only a few hundred metres from Evida. He came together with a parked car - side swiping and ending up on the road.

Diagnosis - bumps and bruises, a sore knee and a reasonably serious dislocation of his right AC joint ('acromioclavicular joint separation'). We will probably get an update later this week but it could be 4-6 week recovery.

We wish him all the best as his commitment is evident, being a solid regular rider and he has really stepped up to be consistently in the lead bunch on the flat rides (his specialty).


Brian Virgo

Friday, November 27, 2009


This Sunday there will be 2 routes along a similar route with a longer loop for those wanting to stretch their legs:
Long Ride: Port Rd - Outer harbour - Henley
Short Ride: Port Rd - Bower Rd - Henley

Both routes are the same for the first 20km meet at Evida's in Henley for coffee then two routes to the city.
Short: Henley Beach Rd
Long: Anzac Hwy


(Stop at Henly not down to Glenelg)


I’d like to take this opportunity to let everyone else know that myself (nic S) and David (forcetta?) were the only two up Lofty on Tuesday this week.

Not bad for Nic “Fairweather” Sutherland, finally made up into the hills this season!


Interesting link sent thru by Nic S

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


A small band of dedicated (read stupid) riders turned up for this weeks ride. Having not ridden for the previous two weeks, this seemed like the perfect ride for me to get back in the saddle. Oh dear.

I think the ride is best summed up by the initial shake of the head as each cyclist turned up to Hassell's as the rain began to set in. However, some extensive work on the meteorology website from the course director, backed up myself, suggested the rain would not last, so off we went.

The climb up Belair Road was a good tough start, with the group not waiting long at the top (well not from when I finished anyway) before heading of towards Clarendon. The ride from Clarendon to Meadows was without a doubt, my least favourite portion of riding this year. It was a long hard slog, never really climbing. However, with a head wind for the majority and no downhill relief it was genuinely tough.

The meadows bakery won some points back with good old country flavour and service, and certainly scored a few extra points for the eye candy! After the break we headed on towards Echunga then Mylor, safe in the knowledge that a tailwind would carry us home. We then turned off on to Aldgate Valley Road. If the road from Clarendon to Meadows is one of the worst sections of road I have ridden on, then Aldgate Valley would be one of the best.

We took it pretty easy (did I mention I was stuffed) and the scenery was nothing short of fantastic. At the end of this section we were met with a choice from the course director, short and tough or longer and a little bit easier. We chose short and tough, straight up Ayers Hill Road. Now if you met this road at the start of your ride, you'd probably cruise up it. Sadly it was our last climb for the day, and even sadder I walked the last 50m.

Needless to say the rain kicked back in for the ride down the freeway, just to ensure every last sap of energy was drained from my body.

Well done to everyone who made it out. I'd comment on king of the mountain. However, I was never close enough to notice. That said honorable mentions to Karpy, (his new frame must be making all the difference) Geoff and in particular Aldo who continued to provide nowhere near enough rest for those of us slightly in front.

Cheers - Andrew


Don't be fooled Victoria Pendleton will kick your ass on the bike!! See her recent track record:

2008 Sprint World Champion, Manchester
2008 Team Sprint World Champion, Manchester
2008 2nd Keirin World Championship, Manchester
2008 Olympic Champion Beijing
2008/9 World Cup Manchester 1st Sprint
2008/9 World Cup Manchester 1st 500mTT
2008/9 World Cup Manchester 1st Keirin
2008/9 World Cup Copenhagen 1st Sprint
2009 Sprint World Champion, Pruszkow
2009 2nd Team sprint World Championships, Pruszkow
2009 3rd 500mTT World Championships, Pruszkow

2006 Commonwealth Record, Melbourne 200mTT 11.275
2007 National Record, Manchester 500m TT 34.0702008
National Record, Manchester 200mTT 10.9042008
Olympic Record, Beijing 200mTT 10.963

Friday, November 20, 2009


The Course Director has determined that the ride this weekend will be a longer hills ride (particularly given the forecast cooler conditions)

Start 7.30am at Hindmarsh Square - Unley Road - Windy Point - Main Rd, Belair - Coromandel Pde, Blackwood - Murrays Hill Rd, Coromandel Valley - Main Rd, Chandlers Hill - Clarendon Rd - Clarendon - Kangarilla Rd - Kangarilla - Dashwood Gully Rd - Meadows (coffee and cake at Bakery) - Battunga Rd - Echunga - Aldgate/Strath Rd - Mylor - L onto Stock Rd then Aldgate Valley Rd to Aldgate - Mt Barker Rd, Stirling - R onto Pomona Rd - L onto Old Mt Barker Road - L at monument onto Piccadilly Rd, Crafers - thru roundabout onto Old Freeway course back to City.

Approximate distance: 100km subject to where you live.

Sunday ride map link

This is a great ride with some challenging long climbs and long flat sections. It is a good practice for the TDU and it would be beneficial for all to participate. See you all on Sunday morning.

The Course Director

Brian Virgo

Monday, November 16, 2009

Legs / body of the week


In perfect conditions the inaugural Military Road Individual TT was run on Sunday with an impressive 'photo' finish between David H, Steve W Michael G (see attached results).

All rode well with the Macolino brothers continuing to improve to bridge the performance gap with commendable persistence in their riding commitment. Aldo is looking to take on the new 'lead out man' role very soon!

The real pressure was at the front of the field where the team leaders (noted above) demonstrated just how close their capabilities are in this discipline. Gav H should be commended for setting recording breaking split times at the start only to fade, and Geoff S has to remember to set his timer in timed events! Good to see David F out after just missing us last Sunday.

See you all on Tuesday night for the Norton Summit midweek ride or Thursday on the usual Foothills ride.

Brian Virgo

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Check out the Roadie Dictionary of Slang. Below are some crackers! Even has a definition for Rob Rau:

Animal -- Unhuman rider. Someone who rides up mountains in a 100 inch gear.

Balls are in the purse - When your buddy either won't ride with you or he is exceptionally weak and timid. "Get your balls back from your girlfriends purse!" "You must have left your balls in your purse!".

Bus stop flop -- that humiliating experience when you fail to click out fast enough at a stop sign or intersection and flop over on your side.

Dine off the big plate -- Use the big ring.

"Is he on Drugs?" - "Yes!"


Nice work Andrew!!


Monday, November 9, 2009


Greetings from Perth, been shipped out for the next couple of weeks will be back at the end of the month. Never one to enjoy the absense of a bike on holiday's, I've taken my second most prized possesion with me, investing in a hard case.
Any one interseted in borrowing the hard case - email me and we can organise a rental.
Enough with that crap - Perth is a cyling mecka. Cyclists are every where you go!! Sat Morn was nuts, massive groups of riders all over the joint! the groups are organised and flying. Plenty of viser crews though. That reminds me check out this blog on cycling tips (best blog site ever - yes better than BG).

The river has the largest cylcle network circling it and the extensive HWY networks and cycle paths, make for good riding. Climbed the largest hill in Perth - toke 59 sec in the big ring!! - no hills in Perth - takes about a 30km ride out to the west to find any.

Lessons for other capital cities - extensive one way road networks suck, even by bike!!!!!

Perth's cyclists are guns on the flat, rode in a club training ride with the south perth rouleurs who were real good sports and welcomed me with ou hesitation. Ride was about 30 - 40 strong taking up a lane of the HWY through town, sliting into fast and slow groups. The pace was nuts and didn't help that found my self in the break away of about 6 men off the front of the fast group! Compounding issues is the fact that if i dropped off i had no idea where i was and had no oreintation! See map for the ride i did, was hard yards. Was on the rivet for the last 30km and was in dificullties a couple of times gettign back on board. - nice guys and girls and well organised! See photos on Flickr Set

Rode an easier ride Sun morning with Dirk from the Perth HASSELL office showing me the common perth loop around the river, which was awesome of him. Real nice views and pretty much no traffic to worry about. This is like the military rode route with lots of cyclists and groups.

Will keep you posted, and hope your all keeping the hammer down in my absense! - FS

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


For those who have participated in Amy's Ride last Sunday - I hope you have all recovered and are ready to hit the road again.

It appears that the Bastardi did well in all respects particularly with our 'lead' riders of Frank S, David H and Steve 'Duracell' W finishing very near the front with some serious riders and Team Macolino pushing to the finish under trying circumstances.

Some of us (Mike 'I got lost' L, Gavin H and myself) were crazy enough to ride home as well - even though we thought it was a bad idea at the Amy's Ride finish - only to end up completely spent - but completing approx 165km which is a good test for the TDU ride.

I hope all other Bastardi enjoyed the challenge and finished well - no doubt we will catch-up on all the anecdotes at the next ride.

Tuesday 3 November - 6.15pm at the Tower Hotel for a ride up Norton Summit (for those who can make it after the Melbourne Cup - I will be unavailable tonight).

Thursday 5 November - 6.15pm at cnr of The Parade and Osmond Terrace for Foothills Ride.

Brian Virgo

Monday, November 2, 2009

CADEL - LOTTO + BMC = ?????

In case you have been under a rock - Cadel has finally quit Silence Lotto and has signed with Team BMC in a three year deal. Nice move Cadel!! Risky but positive!!
On the down side, this probably means he won't be in the Tour Down Under -FS

Cycling News article:

FOR SALE - GIANT TCR C0 2008 + Carbon Wheels - BARGIN!!


If anyone is interested, or knows someone in the market for a 2008 TCR C0 Giant (identical bike to mine) – FULL Dura Ace Group set + upgraded Token Carbon 50mm deep Wheels (clincher - ALU braking surface) – $3500 ono see below.

I’ve seen the bike many times and for all intensive purposes looks well maintained and cared for + I can vouch for Ben - I know he takes good care of his bikes. - Frank Smith

Hey all,

My contract with Giant has come to an end and it's time to sell on this wonderful road bike. If you know of anyone that might be interested in purchasing a Giant TCR C0 feel free to forward this email onto them. Details as follows:

Giant TCR C0
Full Shimano Dura Ace drive train
Token C50A deep dish carbon race wheels
Size: Large – fit someone around 6 foot or above.

Full specs available at the giant website (**Please note the wheelset listed on this website is the Mavic Ksyrium SL. I have upgraded the wheelset to the Token C50A's and will be selling the bike with these**):

Price = $3500 ono

Please contact Ben Hogarth:
p- 0401 767 469

Monday, October 26, 2009


Sh!t wind was the theme of the day, and a large group tackled the southerly after staying together down Port Road at a recreational pace. Once on Military Road AW attacked early and creating an unfimilar figure at the front down Military Rd and pushed the pace early. Wind ripped us apart and small groups formed. MG won the KOM from four with a dominating effort riding over FS who went from a longway out. The front group regathered and picked up a small bunch at shores including AM x 2 and DB who came along for the sprint which was initiated by DH and chased down by MG and FS who claimed the line with nothing to seperate the pair in a 63Km - wind assited sprint. Thank to all who came out, and lets hope no southerly winds for Amys Ride next Sun. -FS

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


SUN Ride will be BEACH RIDE 2 - Port Rd, Bower Rd, down military Rd, to the King St Bridge then back up to Henley.
See the map for KOM point on Military Rd on th hill before king St bridge, and the final sprint along the Henly foreshore - to the bottle-o on henly Rd -FS



Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Tuesday night ride is up Nortons this week 6.15pm @ Tower Hotel. I'll be racing @ vic park, so all the best. - FS

Monday, October 19, 2009


Sunday saw a fair crowd gather for a roll under clear skies. The large gathering of around 15 BG headed for the hills. Keeping the pace civil the group held it together to the start of the real climbing. From here it was on for young and old and the three phase climb of the gorge tested calves and thighs as they cut the fresh cool morning air. Winding on to Cuddlee Creek for a coffee, all but MG who headed home and Alf who was MIA (my bad Alf - the second C. Creek!). AT and Aldo went in search and the rest pushed on. From here Fox Creek ripped the pack apart with all showing good form to conquer the b!tch! Not long but hard! Will be fun during the TDU to see the bodies pile up at the top as they faint over one another!! WK made for home from the top and with some good climbing done, the best was yet to come! MH made his departure for Handorf, while a brisk ride thru to Woodside offered some relief thru undulating terrain followed by a flat whisk over to Balhannah and the base of the days final climb. From here two groups formed and in the lead group it was on! The group including GH, FS, DH, DK, and SW held a steady pace with no one able to separate them selves from the pack on the long climb to Carey Gully, with the solid climb holding the group together. The final summit of Greenhill was a pleasant sight to sore bodies. The decent was short fast and the only real opportunity for the freewheel to spool. The drama was not over with PS and Karpy witnessing AW losing a wheel, literally found himself on the deck watching the rear wheel rolling down the final climb. In good BG fashion was more disappointed about not finishing the ride, then bike damage! Still GH would do his best to better this and in untypical BG fashion crash entering his driveway!! Hard luck Gav, watch those driveway entries, their tricky !!?!!! FS

Best effort: Paul S for going the distance on steel = real!
Never say die: Steve W (duracell)
BG Spirit: AW

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This Sunday's ride will be the first of a few test rides for the Challenge Tour as the route consists of pretty much the first part of the ride

Plan is to head up the gorge, through Cudlee Creek (for an early coffee while the group is still together), then up Fox Creek and on to Woodside and back through Crafers.

Map route is here.

Some escape routes exist - I'm thinking of bailing at the top of Fox Creek and heading back the way we came - or you could head back up through Basket Range, which I might consider if I'm still alive after the Fox Creek climb.

Meeting time is 7.30 in city or 8 at the tower.

Hope to see you there.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


TWO loan figures climbed into the clouds, few soles where seen, one was saved, muscles cramped, winds blew, cloud surrounded, rain fell, yet enjoyment was felt, satisfaction savoured, mateship made, - wet weather riding. Thanks NP - FS



Friday, October 9, 2009



Norton’s TT followed by a ride to Henley via Port Rd 50 - 60km.
Handicap times taken from last TT, If you didn’t ride in the last TT; nominate on the morning or email me a time.

See Blog for SUN ride program

TUE + THUR Rides
Brian hosting rides with a TUE hills climb and THUR foothills ride.

Amy’s ride

Not far away – Get registered



Congrats on the bike Cadel, you must have been listening all along. Even new shoes!! But seriously nice bike and that colour scheme looks awesome, loving the black mechanicals on the white frame, pure class!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Click on image to see the Sun ride program, with suggested rides. I'll send through a printable PDF.
TUE & THUR Brian will be hosting afternoon rides, with TUE being a hill climb and THUR a foothills ride across the eastern suburbs. - FS

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Seeming as you will effectively loss an hours sleep on Sunday night let’s keep it to an it 8am start @ Hindmarsh Sq - 4 Oct.

This week’s SUN RIDE is the standard BEACH RIDE: City – Glenelg – Henley – Bower Rd roundabout – back to Henley for coffee at Evida – back to city via Henley beach Rd or Anzac HWY. About 60 km

Ps. I’ll be in Clare riding between wineries – not @ 8am. F Smith

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here is an awesome demostration of group riding - @avg 45km+!!

Crit racing.

Massive teams race around phillip island

Thanks 2 Cycling Tips for some insane video. Check out the Cycling Tips blog for great tips and tricks.


Cadel is said to be heading to our little patch of cycling heaven for the TDU and if its true just might confirm my 5 day holiday in January, DJB pencil it in! Wouldn't get to excited "I spoke with Aldo Sassi(cadels coach) and he was very positive about the possibility," - M Turtur

Final KM's of cadels Victory:

Mute this one - but best demonstration of cadels explosive attack.

Even Americans - know class when they see it

Phil's call - last TT 2 home, misses the attack


A take on Cycling Tips 'what you missed this morning' I give you 'Morning glory'. -FS


For anyone that missed the raced (because you were watching Australia Idol/Idiot) and interested in seeing it again. OneHD is replaying the race 11:30am-4:30pm on Thursday. Not all 7 hours, but most of it. If you like watching racing, the last hour is definately worth watching to see Cadel attack up the final hill after 7 hours of racing, it is very inspiring. - thanks to M Gates

Monday, September 28, 2009


Caden Evans finished last nights UCI world championship road race in Mendrisio, Switzerland, with pure style crossing the line first at 1.00am local time. Attacking on the last climb and stomping away to victory with an attack up the Novazzano climb and holding a against a class field of the worlds best. Our first mt bike world cup champion and now our first UCI Road World Champion. Congrats Cadel.

PS your bike still looks shit - switch it up - how about a rainbow bike you earnt it!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Bastardi's this Sunday there will be two ride options, with poor weather forecast the beach option will be the default with the hills only happening if it is good weather, and bodies are keen. Meet @ Hindmarsh Sq 8am.


Will be an easier flat ride 60km City-Henley coffee and back lead by Bills-e.

Hills Ride

Brian’s Hills ride which is for those more vertically inclined.

Jersey sizing

Jerseys will be availible for trying on for size before the ride - this will be your last oppurtunity after which you'll have to go to JAX to try one on.

VIC Park Crititerium Races

I'll be raceing at Vic Park with my race starting at 10am so will join the start of the beach ride (if the weather is decent). Those interested should swing by and check out the crit racing with races on from 10-12.

If you’re interested in coming out to race the summer crit series I'd highly recommend it, and you can get your 2010 licence in Oct to score a free 3 months of licence allowing you to race the whole summer series. - FS


American classic 420 @ cell

RRP: $899.00
Deal: $749.00


  • 34mm deep aluminium
  • 18 hole front,
  • 14 hole rear
  • AC bladed spokes,

  • Radial spoked on front wheel & 2 cross on the rear
  • Micro 58gram front hub #688 sealed bearing RD
  • 205gram rear hub #6803 sealed bearing

  • Weight
    Front 663grams
    Rear 867grams