Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tour De France Tipping

The Tour is only just over a week away and the anticipation is growing. To help celebrate the action this year we are looking at setting up a Bastardi tipping competition. We have decided to use a online system that we can create our own league and the website will look after itself. The website site is
but at the moment the tour competition is not yet up and running, but you can still check out the site and see how it works. I will request our own league and send the details on when I have them.

According to the website there is no prize (there is no entry cost) but bastardi's will have a $10 each prize pool. winner takes all!!!

Basically all you need to do is select 9 riders as your team and hope for the best. If one of your riders pulls out or is done for drugs during the tour you are not allowed to substitute them. You can only change riders if one of your selected riders does not make the teams final roster and you need to change before kick off next Saturday.

According to the website, each person can have only one team, but if you would like to register a team under partners name, then that is ok, I presume you will just need a different email address and password..

Scoring is detailed on the website so check it out, might help you select your team. The scoring system is quite complex and riders can earn points for being in breakaways, helping their team leader, wearing the yellow jersey, sprint and mountain points and of course, final overall position.

If you don't know the website
then I highly recommend checking it out. It will give you all the latest goss and list who is on what team. Important to look at if you are wanting to select riders like Boonen or Valverde who may or may not be riding (depending on court cases), and was Contador really about to change teams??

Cheers and good luck
Michael Gates