Thursday, July 2, 2009



We are running with the SBS site for the grand pool prize, with $10 entry, winner takes all!!!

If you have not recieved the password or username, hollar to

Good morning Gentlemen,

With the news this morning that one of Cadel's top domestiques has been kicked out for EPO has put another dent in his attempt to win the Tour. It did look at bit wrong at the time when Dekker left Rabobank and has now been done for an EPO test retested from a sample taken in December 2007.

With only 2 more proper nights of sleep left before the kick off it is time to get your teams selected for the tipping competition. Boonen still hasn't been confirmed either whether he is competing or not but it looks like Alby will get the ride instead, which is great to see another Aussie riding.

For those of you who are keen, I have actually set up 2 tipping comps to see which one is best. You are welcome to go in both, but the one which the Bastardi kitty will be decided upon is the SBS competition. I will include details for both but the SBS comp has a bit more flexibility, and has weekly prizes up for grabs, as well as a $10,000 kitty for the winner. With this site you can change riders if one is having a bad race or stops racing, plus you need to pick a bonus stage which you score double points on. It also shows whos hot and whos not to help with any transfers during the race. You have a limited number of tranfers available during the race, but you can change your team to suit the different terrain. But as pointed out in the rules, your selections for final GC positions, stay with your original selection. - M. Gates

Here is the link for the PRIZE POOL site

**Note, it list stage 4 as a individual time trial, this is actually a team time trial**

With the Velogames, you pick your team, and just sit back and watch, there are no adjustments that can be done during the race.

The link for the velogames site

Thanks to Gates-e for setting up the tipping comp -FS