Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Carnage from the weekends game of dominos

Adam Medical Update:

Broken shoulder
Five stiches in his hands
Badly bruised leg and arm
- Warwick K
Carnage from the weekends game of dominos
A nasty crash on Sunday bought down about 6-7 riders on the weekend on a straight patch of road. Thanks to helmets there weren't any major/serious injuries, though yet to hear the medical report from Adam. Here is the photo evidence with poor Adam and Gavin copping the brunt of the damage, Adam to his fingers and shoulders and Gavin to rear end of his bike.

Hope every one pulled up alright from the weekend. I sure there is a few sore fingers and bikes after weekend. Hope to see Adam and Gavin out and riding soon, and that Adam's shoulder isn't too bad, and Gavin's attempt at lighten his bike by removing half the spokes in his rear wheel didn't work.

One bit of advice having fallen off a few times myself. Have a very close inspection of the bikes for any cracks or hair line fractures after the crash. It was about 8-10 weeks after a major crash that I snapped one of my cranks, the side that I landed heavily one. Lucky I wasn't far from home. We don't need any more damage.


On behalf of Bastardi,

Best wishes go to Adam and his rig and we hope both are fit and back on the tarmac soon.

Further to Mikes comments about checking your bikes;

Check your helmets!!! Look for ANY hairline fractures or cracks by flexing the helmet in your hands and looking at the foam on the inside and at vents were it will break to absorb impact. If you find a crack or fracture – I’d buy a new one, or get a second opinion at the bike store and they’ll tell you to buy an new one!!

This is critical as they only work once!!! If your helmet is 3-4 years old, time for a new one – Foam perishes, becoming brittle, and ineffective!!!
Regards Frank

Oh Shit for Adam, that really is worse than I thought. I hope that the recovery goes well. As for my rear end (no not the bike), I cannot confirm but I think I have a sprained/ bruised coccyx. As for the bike a new wheel set may be the go. - Gav H
Sorry to hear about that. See you back on the bike in about 6-8 weeks Adam.
I am glad I chose to sleep in :) - Steve B
Get well soon Adam, Sounds like there may be some new excuses to invest in new bike /helmet porn in the bastardi peleton. - Daniel H

To the rest of you involved - bad luck with that one - it can happen so quickly and the consequences are rarely minor.
All get well soon! - B Virgo
Hi guys,

Many thanks for all your kind messages.
(Writing this with one hand)

I have an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon on Wednesday, but for the moment it's a fractured AC joint. Plus the stitches in the RH ring finger. For now, just licking wounds and focusing on recovery.
Sincere thanks to Frank and Warwick and others for looking after me, and Warwick & Amanda for looking after the kids post-accident. Sorry for the hassle caused. Gavin, I hope your bike is OK.
I hope no-one else sustained any injuries.

See you after recovery.

One bonus, after seeing their dad a bit damaged, my kids were on their best behaviour all Sunday.