Tuesday, September 15, 2009


From the CONTI site:
German magazine TOUR has recently featured a comprehensive road tyre test, covering many aspects of tyre performance, even including 'real time' wet grip where their human tester donned motorcycle leathers and pushed his specially adapted test bicycle to the limit on each different set of tyres.
The complete test can be downloaded

The Continental GP4000 was a clear winner by performing well in all areas.

Another finding was that the difference between the best and worst tyres is bigger than the aerodynamic difference between the best and worst wheels!

Puncture resistance has generally improved also, with nine tyres passing TOURS puncture test, more than ever before.Grand Prix 4000S was the most consistant tyre with a weight of 207 grams on the test sample. Its rolling resistance measured in at 34.3 watts, beating even the lighweight race only tyres from the competitors.

The time it took a sharp screwdriver to penetrate the GP4000s through the tread at a load of 35 kg was three minutes. In fact the test was stopped prior to any penetration as three minutes was defined by the magazine as a 'pass'. Only two other brands also attained a pass grade here.

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