Monday, October 19, 2009


Sunday saw a fair crowd gather for a roll under clear skies. The large gathering of around 15 BG headed for the hills. Keeping the pace civil the group held it together to the start of the real climbing. From here it was on for young and old and the three phase climb of the gorge tested calves and thighs as they cut the fresh cool morning air. Winding on to Cuddlee Creek for a coffee, all but MG who headed home and Alf who was MIA (my bad Alf - the second C. Creek!). AT and Aldo went in search and the rest pushed on. From here Fox Creek ripped the pack apart with all showing good form to conquer the b!tch! Not long but hard! Will be fun during the TDU to see the bodies pile up at the top as they faint over one another!! WK made for home from the top and with some good climbing done, the best was yet to come! MH made his departure for Handorf, while a brisk ride thru to Woodside offered some relief thru undulating terrain followed by a flat whisk over to Balhannah and the base of the days final climb. From here two groups formed and in the lead group it was on! The group including GH, FS, DH, DK, and SW held a steady pace with no one able to separate them selves from the pack on the long climb to Carey Gully, with the solid climb holding the group together. The final summit of Greenhill was a pleasant sight to sore bodies. The decent was short fast and the only real opportunity for the freewheel to spool. The drama was not over with PS and Karpy witnessing AW losing a wheel, literally found himself on the deck watching the rear wheel rolling down the final climb. In good BG fashion was more disappointed about not finishing the ride, then bike damage! Still GH would do his best to better this and in untypical BG fashion crash entering his driveway!! Hard luck Gav, watch those driveway entries, their tricky !!?!!! FS

Best effort: Paul S for going the distance on steel = real!
Never say die: Steve W (duracell)
BG Spirit: AW