Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here is an awesome demostration of group riding - @avg 45km+!!

Crit racing.

Massive teams race around phillip island

Thanks 2 Cycling Tips for some insane video. Check out the Cycling Tips blog for great tips and tricks.


Cadel is said to be heading to our little patch of cycling heaven for the TDU and if its true just might confirm my 5 day holiday in January, DJB pencil it in! Wouldn't get to excited "I spoke with Aldo Sassi(cadels coach) and he was very positive about the possibility," - M Turtur

Final KM's of cadels Victory:

Mute this one - but best demonstration of cadels explosive attack.

Even Americans - know class when they see it

Phil's call - last TT 2 home, misses the attack


A take on Cycling Tips 'what you missed this morning' I give you 'Morning glory'. -FS


For anyone that missed the raced (because you were watching Australia Idol/Idiot) and interested in seeing it again. OneHD is replaying the race 11:30am-4:30pm on Thursday. Not all 7 hours, but most of it. If you like watching racing, the last hour is definately worth watching to see Cadel attack up the final hill after 7 hours of racing, it is very inspiring. - thanks to M Gates

Monday, September 28, 2009


Caden Evans finished last nights UCI world championship road race in Mendrisio, Switzerland, with pure style crossing the line first at 1.00am local time. Attacking on the last climb and stomping away to victory with an attack up the Novazzano climb and holding a against a class field of the worlds best. Our first mt bike world cup champion and now our first UCI Road World Champion. Congrats Cadel.

PS your bike still looks shit - switch it up - how about a rainbow bike you earnt it!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Bastardi's this Sunday there will be two ride options, with poor weather forecast the beach option will be the default with the hills only happening if it is good weather, and bodies are keen. Meet @ Hindmarsh Sq 8am.


Will be an easier flat ride 60km City-Henley coffee and back lead by Bills-e.

Hills Ride

Brian’s Hills ride which is for those more vertically inclined.

Jersey sizing

Jerseys will be availible for trying on for size before the ride - this will be your last oppurtunity after which you'll have to go to JAX to try one on.

VIC Park Crititerium Races

I'll be raceing at Vic Park with my race starting at 10am so will join the start of the beach ride (if the weather is decent). Those interested should swing by and check out the crit racing with races on from 10-12.

If you’re interested in coming out to race the summer crit series I'd highly recommend it, and you can get your 2010 licence in Oct to score a free 3 months of licence allowing you to race the whole summer series. - FS


American classic 420 @ cell

RRP: $899.00
Deal: $749.00


  • 34mm deep aluminium
  • 18 hole front,
  • 14 hole rear
  • AC bladed spokes,

  • Radial spoked on front wheel & 2 cross on the rear
  • Micro 58gram front hub #688 sealed bearing RD
  • 205gram rear hub #6803 sealed bearing

  • Weight
    Front 663grams
    Rear 867grams


    South Australia's Jack Bobridge has won the U23 World Time Trial Championships.

    The 20 year old Jayco-AIS rider posted a time of 40min44.79sec for the 33.2km distance, smashing the field 18.73sec ahead of second placed Nelson Oliviera of Portugal with Germany's pre-race favourite Patrick Gretsch third at 27.66sec.


    Friday, September 18, 2009




    The ride is Beach – Frome Rd – Park Tce – Port Rd – Bower Rd – Military Rd – Seaview Rd – King of the hill on Patwalonga hill - turn at King St bridge

    Double back to Henley – sprint along the Henley Esplanade – coffee at Evida 269 Seaview Rd Henley (just past the Sq)

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009



    Below are the times for the first Norton TT just gone on Sunday, the ride was a great success and thanks to all who participated with 12 turning out.

    Your finish times are shown as; Actual times, highlighted in orange. At the next Nortons TT This will be your new handicapped time (Nominated time) ie. If you finished in 18:00 this is your new handicapped time! ie. i'm screwed!

    Link to Cycle2Max data on Norton Summit

    This will mean; The first to the top in the next Nortons TT02 will have made the most improvement!
    If you didn't ride, no worries just get out and post a time up nortons and this can become your nominated time. The sooner you do this the better so that you can measure your improvment between now and the next TT.

    For the following TT03 an average of your finishing times will become your handicap time, so as not to punish people for breaking a PB or just having a bad day! This also negates foxing your times.

    This way conistancy and improvement are rewarded and gives every one motivation to improve their times and consistency - your really only riding against your self!

    What we are trying to Achieve:
    Motivate one another
    Increase our fitness
    Enjoy our cycling

    The winner is every one who participates, enjoys cycling and gets fitter!


    From the CONTI site:
    German magazine TOUR has recently featured a comprehensive road tyre test, covering many aspects of tyre performance, even including 'real time' wet grip where their human tester donned motorcycle leathers and pushed his specially adapted test bicycle to the limit on each different set of tyres.
    The complete test can be downloaded

    The Continental GP4000 was a clear winner by performing well in all areas.

    Another finding was that the difference between the best and worst tyres is bigger than the aerodynamic difference between the best and worst wheels!

    Puncture resistance has generally improved also, with nine tyres passing TOURS puncture test, more than ever before.Grand Prix 4000S was the most consistant tyre with a weight of 207 grams on the test sample. Its rolling resistance measured in at 34.3 watts, beating even the lighweight race only tyres from the competitors.

    The time it took a sharp screwdriver to penetrate the GP4000s through the tread at a load of 35 kg was three minutes. In fact the test was stopped prior to any penetration as three minutes was defined by the magazine as a 'pass'. Only two other brands also attained a pass grade here.

    Too see the full article CLICK HERE or GET THE GRIP

    Monday, September 14, 2009


    LOOK have created some porn pedals for Alberto Contador in yellow to celebrate his latest grand tour victory. Don't know about riding with a pair of these on my bike (appropriate if you are alberto contador or if you are leading the tour de france and you are alberto contador, otherwise your a bit of a dick) but they sure look good. Albertos whip from 09 Tour.

    LOOK as always are at the fore front of pedal technology showing off some new tech at euro bike with the KEO Blade which uses a piece of carbon fibre as the spring!! Only US$500

    If you like the LOOK my recomendtion if you want bang for buck go with the KEO SPRINTS in white or step up to the Keo 2 MAX.

    Sunday, September 13, 2009

    BG TT 01

    Thanks to those who participated with a great turn out and a good vibe amonst the group. Thanks to brian for organising the ride, which I think will turn out to be a good format.

    Results should be up early in the week.

    Apologies for my nominated time being off, did't think i was up for it this morning!





    Friday, September 11, 2009



    I propose that this Sunday be the first of our 'time trails' on a recognised and measurable course.

    The idea is for all to time a run up Norton Summit (5.6km - 271m ascent) and log that as our personal 'base time' against which we will measure our improvement in subsequent 'time trail' rides.

    The ride course is as follows:

    8.00am start at Hindmarsh Square opposite Hassell office - Rundle Road - Magill Road - Regroup @ Tower Hotel -

    - Time Trail Start at the line on Norton Summit Road (just around the corner from Magill Road adj to the traffic island)
    - Time Trial Finish (driveway of first house on left after the 'cliff drop offs' which are also on the left, number 169)

    - Regroup @ Norton Summit Hotel (record times) - back down Norton Summit Road - Magill Road - North Terrace - Port Road - Old Port Road - Bower Road - Military Road - Grange Road - Seaview Road - Henley Square (Coffee) - Henley Breach Road - Currie Street - Home

    Total Distance - approximately 60km

    This is a good combination ride comprising the follow key attributes:
    - hard work up the hill to start
    - long easy downhill back to the City as a group
    - long flat group ride to Military Road
    - usual Military Road push to sprint just before a relaxing coffee
    - easy group ride back to the City and home.

    Please remember to have a device that can measure your time (to the second only - not to the 1/1000th of a second!)

    Any feedback would be welcome!


    Brian Virgo

    Bastardi Grassi - Course Director

    Wednesday, September 9, 2009



    Thanks to all who attended the AGM and made it a good night and a fitting way to celebrate a year of Bastardi. It has been great year and alot of achievments; both as a group and individuals; have been acheived.

    Thank you to all who have participated in BG rides and have helped to make a dynamic interesteing group of well inteded riders.

    BG was founded on the idea of mates riding together engouraging one another and working together to get fit, enjoy our cycling and one anothers company. I thank David B. for founding the group and setting the sound foundation of these principles.

    Thanks to all those that have helped make Bastardi Grassi.

    Frank Smith
    Directeur Sportif


    President – D Bills
    Director Sportif – Frank S
    Course Director – Brian V
    Product Development – Warwick K

    Branding Manager – Steve B
    Treasurer – Alf Mac.
    Purchasing Manager – Gavin H
    Special Events – Mike G

    Course director - Brian V

    Always meet at Hassell
    Requirement for good coffee
    Will be a short ride option “get out” option
    Generally aim for a 2-2.5 hr return

    Brian to advice the proposed course through Frank - who moderates and map rides before issuing on Fridays.
    FS to set up group Map my ride account

    FS-BV to coordinate mid week training rides during day light savings
    Proposed Vic Park 5.30pm interval training

    Edwardstown Velodrome Sunday rides

    Director Sportif - Frank S

    Coordinate event rides, blog, and communications
    FS to coordinate BGCC teams for recreational rides Amy’s, TDU, CC etc.

    Velodrome night – private booking to be coordinated by Alf

    Annual Events
    Kat Killer Klassic
    Domino Dash

    Handicapped Events
    First a reverse start Norton’s ride
    Old freeway
    Vic Park

    Branding – Warwick K & Steve B

    No Sponsors on Jerseys
    Going through JAXS sporting manufacturers
    WK-SB to develop existing concept and coordinate sizing/buying

    SB to follow up
    Agreed worth pursuing

    Potential Future Products
    Riding Cap
    Arm warmers

    Treasury – Alf

    Alf to set up trust fund for the group
    Pay of jerseys, fundraising, etc.

    All repair fund Donations to go the trust with David Bills coordinating any payment.

    Purchasing – Gavin H

    Coordinated ‘bulk buys’ from websites

    Special events – Mike G

    Tipping comps, social events etc.

    SNOW BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not much need be said....!!!!

    Tuesday, September 8, 2009


    More known for their Ti frames lite speed have come to the dark side with their latest carbon areo model. Looks nice on the zipps but lacks class whwn placed on standard rims.

    Monday, September 7, 2009


    The group got some coverage on the news networks last night with most of the group appearing on 7 and 9 news last night. Agian thanks for all those who participated.

    Most improved - Gavin Hornibrook
    Bastardi Spirit - Warwick Keates, Steve Balmer
    Courage Award - David Bills
    Most aggresive - The ANIMAL Rob Rau

    Frank Smith
    Directeur Sportif

    Sunday, September 6, 2009


    Good course Great cause and no rain made for a great hit out on the Mountain. With just over two hundred participants it was a reasonable sized field with a large contingent of Bastardi Grassi in the pack. Steve B, Gavin, Bills-e, Homburg, Warwick, Virgo, Lyons, Frank and a guest appearance from “the Animal” himself - Rob Rau.

    With the threat of rain the pack was lead away by the, five-oh (police) and a lazy pace was set up Glen Osmond road - an indication the field knew all too well, the task they were to under take.

    Mount Lofty from the old Freeway is always a good test and one of Adelaide true climbs with a mix of gradient testing riders to the top. Add the small accent from the city up Glen Osmond and we had a task ahead of us.

    Rob Rau was the only man (animal) who broke into stride along Glen Osmond which was being treated as though it was a neutral section by the following pack. With the pack stopped by lights the animal unleashed and pushed on his advantage. He would pay for this early pace after being the first man (animal) to reach the freeway he would be swept up by the field, which had now come to life and begun its assault on the mountain.

    A hard and fast pace was set from the start and a two men broke away as the pack strung out but at no point had a huge advantage, this group later became three as they approached the bollards and the trio would ride on to see the top together.

    The Old Freeway is a hard climb in the sense that it will break your rhythm, with undulating grade that tests you all the way to the top, and were even flatter sections need to be attacked to push on any advantage of the lesser grade and pose as opportunities to lift the pace as apposed to rest. The steep section are not kind neither and getting out of the saddle and grinding is required, especially around “cement corner”. If you don’t know the reference to this corner ride the old freeway and you will soon relate.

    The climb can be broken down into three distinct thirds, the bike track, Devil’s elbow to Eagle on the hill and Eagle’s to the bollards.

    The Bike Track is possibly the hardest mentally as it steeper then appears and the gradients slowly increase as you climb and never seems to any easier every time you do it. Magpies also love this area and to add to difficulties one must maintain a good line so as not to stray into on coming riders booming down the bike track.

    Devil’s elbow to Eagle's mentally feels easier then the bike track yet posses the steepest section as you round cement corner. With a quick down hill section leading you into the corner maintaining momentum is the key and the struggle. Go to hard here and you might bow up. This section is more open with a dedicated lane separated form vehicle traffic all need worry about is making it to the top. This section snakes around as well helping to break the climb up.

    Eagles to the Bollards straightens up and becomes more even in it’s gradient, and it becomes time to develop a good rhythm and set a steady pace. With a more constant grade and some climbing already in your legs it becomes a matter of how much you are willing to push your self. After one last slow rise in gradient the push for the bollards begins with the course unrelenting to the end with a false flat 50m from the bollards teasing you with the thought of a finish before you push up the final short slope to the bollards.

    The Bollards typically represent the finish of the climb and a timing point for those wishing to measure their effort and progress. For those heading to the summit of Mt Lofty, there is no stopping only relief in the gradient as you whisk along a flat section of abandoned old freeway, towards your final goal.

    This relief is short lived as one begins the final steep accent to the Summit. The most testing the final climb over the summit, appears after a short decent which only tease those who think the worst is over, before being slapped in the face by the last sort steep climb to the top of summit road.

    Be satisfied in your effort and feel the accomplishment forget the pain and rejoice in the splendour of some of Adelaide’s finest roads. The undulating Summit Road and Woods Hill Road are two of the best rides in the lofty ranges and offer up a mix of pace and cornering for you to enjoy and exploit the finer handling points of you bike and test your abilities with out putting you out of your comfort zone. Low on traffic and high on pace, you sweep along maintaining speed as you move towards Norton Summit.

    Norton’s is Adelaide’s typical climb and most popular climb and offers the descenders an opportunity to spin the big ring, tuck up and lean her over. With corners that reward commitment and fast straights to open it up, this is one of Adelaide’s favourites and offers the novice a place to develop there skills with low vehicle traffic, and generally not to challenging riding.

    The Finish was from here a short dash through the eastern suburbs, dodge a couple of w**nkers in octane propelled objects, to the city for a finish before which three would become five before finishing. Homburg and I would be two of the five and soon were joined by Gavin then Virgo followed by Lyons and the animal with Steve, Warwick and Bills-e finishing together showing the most Bastardi spirit in waiting for each other, riding with each other and finishing with one another. Mustering at the finish tales were shared, a signed copy of Lances book “Its not about the bike” was won (by Steve B) and the pain was relived with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, the ride was over.

    Happy Fathers Day to all Dads and congratulations to all participants with a total of $1400 raised to help in the fight against cancer and awareness in men’s health.

    For our Father’s our Brother’s, our Sons and those to be, I thank you.

    Frank Smith

    Directeur Sportif

    Thursday, September 3, 2009

    SUN RIDE - Father’s Day Classic

    Bastardi’s, the Sunday ride will be the Fathers day classic, which is a ride up Eagle on the Hill to Lofty and down Norton’s – 50 km

    If you have not registered - get on board registration is cheap with all proceeds going to the Cancer Council. CLICK BELOW

    The BG group fundraising has eclipsed $1000 so far!!!!!

    Frank Smith
    Directeur Sportif