Thursday, January 28, 2010



Awesome sale on chain reaction.

Weight - 623g (front) or 811g (rear)

Carbon and alloy laminate clincher rim is both light weight and ridged whilst maintaining high braking performance with standard brake pads.

Low rim weight is achieved by reducing the alloy wall thickness from 1.3 mm down to 0.7 mm, then a patent pending phosphoric acid anodizing process is used to bond the carbon fibre to the alloy giving an excellent combination of low weight, strength and rigidity

One of the nicest looking low profile wheel sets on the market. The titanium hubs are some of the nicest pieces of machined engineering I’ve seen on a bike. These hubs are also used on shimano’s flagship C50.

These wheels are great for majority of the BG faithful as these are great wheel for all conditions and I’ll go as far as to say they are possibly the best bang for buck, performance for dosh - wheels on the market. The wheels also look great and would be a nice addition to any rig.

A well proven design which has been developed over many generations of the dura ace wheelset. The hub style and form has been perfected of the last couple of generations of dura ace wheel.

If you want to add that little edge to your bike wheels and tyres are the first stop for performance. Upgrading your wheelset is the best way to lighten your bike, and directly reduces the force required to rotate the wheels and generate drive - the weight loss here is more beneficial then any other part of the bike.