Saturday, January 23, 2010

ATDU - After Tour Down Under

Usual beach ride with coffee @ Evidas and a time to down load all the TDU challenge ride experiences - like I love riding along windy open plains in the middle of no where!

If you want your TDU story on the blog email it thru, as it will be good to see the ride was form some different points of view. It's always good to get opinions other then my own on the blog. -FS

Well what is the pinnacle of most recreational riders season has past. The TDU challenge ride is over! What now? Now is time to kick it into the next gear! Now your starting to get close to your best form of the season it's time to use it! Time to get out and set some PB's and push on thru to the next level! Next comes the Coast to Coast!

The Coast 2 Coast is the last big recreational road ride of the season with 90 and 120 km legs on offer. Those who completed the 160 should not be fooled this is a hard ride and last year homburg and i found it just as hard as the TDU due to a slack approach to the ride! The course is great and always well organised by bike SA so I’d highly recommend getting involved.