Wednesday, January 13, 2010


meet at the Tower Hotel @ 7am on SATURDAY.

I think there are a few different groups riding about 100km in the hills SAT MORNING so should be a range of different ride options for different fitness levels!

· Andrew will be hosting a 100km ride starting at the tower (100)
· And bills-e is organising a relaxed Handorf ride form the tower (90-100)
· Homburg and Frank are going to do a cut throat Lobethal run doubling back thru forest range, then to Lofty, starting at the tower (100km)

BEACH 7.30am @ Hindmarsh Sq SUNDAY – AFTER Pick up TDU jerseys at Vic Square Village around 11am

Also option to do the the Ride Like Crazy.

Taper week for the days leading in to the challenge ride you should be taking it easy and storing up carb’s. Get out on the bike and turn the legs over but defiantly not in anger, just stretch it out and take it easy. Will keep you posted if we are going to do any BG rides.