Wednesday, February 3, 2010



This is a cracker if you’re looking to add a few kms to a lazy Norton’s ride and crank it up a couple of notches! This loop combines some short climbs and one of my favourite descents, finishing on pond road / knots hill climb.


The loop will add 12km to a Norton’s Ashton run – taking me 1.40min from the Parade up Norton’s - the loop and back the same way (Norton’s time was an 18 - held that pace). I haven't mapped Norton’s into the route as you all understand what Norton’s is and what it is about.

The loop starts with a power climb up into Ashton followed by a glorious decent in to my favourite never ending hairpin - love it! From here it’s a good little climb into Basket Range which again is a good little climb which can be attacked with pace.

From here drop down another cracking little decent - still on Lobethal Rd and hang a left on to Hunters Road. You’ll keep some pace all the way till the bottom of the climb and hang a left over the bridge onto Knotts Hill Rd.

Straight away you'll fell the pinch of this climb, and it makes a man whish he'd put his climbing SL wheels on and a lower range cassette!! It real 1st grinding stuff and doesn't give up for the first 800m. Similar to Fox’s, but steeper and twice the length. Once over this initial grade you think you’re reaching a top of some thing but after a false flat allowing you to regain some cadence she kicks again all the way to the top.

Pound Rd Climb
Climb Distance: 2.5km
Average Gradient : 8%
Elevation Gain: 195m
Difficulty: 9/10 (Foxes - 7/10)

LINK TO MAP MY RIDE - Pound Rd Climb

Knotts Pound Road Climb

From here its on to marble hill road and a nice decent on to Lobethal Rd. If you really want to make it interesting try Pound Roads little brother, while you’re in the area - The less well known Burdetts Road which stems off the bottom of Knots Hill at the base of the climb and spits you out at the Basket Range hall. Also a very steep tuff climb - half as long, but you then get to have fun climbing into Ashton as well!

All round a great loop and could be run in reverse but you'll end up with less good descending - but with the Burdetts climb thrown in will mix it up bit. Highly recommend giving it a crack and takes you thru some of the best terrain in the hills and has a real alpine fell - you'll forget your 30min ride from the city! - FS

RIDE RATING: 9/10 has it all!