Sunday, June 20, 2010



Two BG appeared form with in the mist aloft the range. It was a cold and wintery setting on the range circuit for the John Venturi Road Race - that typical Adelaide hills winter riding was instore. The wind was light but present blowing along the ridge form the SW. A large turnout for all grades was to see some hard and fast racing.

The A graders must have been moving at a mad pace because they fell to pieces early and you started to see the carnage around the circuit early. A young South Korean national rider, training in SA dominated the race to take the win!

B's sore a incrediably close finish with a late breakaway on the climb reeled in and past in the last 5-10m!

Racing C's the task was 4 laps of the range 68 km. Finishing was the victory of the day and rolling in the top 8 was a bonus. Interesting racing with plenty of attacks but no major breakaways as the 40 strong field was hard to shake.

Walker was capped in E's and with the large registration for the race a F grade was formed. Walker didn't have it his own way with the field consisting of some D riders with the grading reshuffle. Steve pulled off second, out sprinted at the line.


Time trial next week - good luck to all that race and especially green-o as TT should be his forte.