Thursday, July 29, 2010


Big news, Contador is set to move rejecting Astana’s offer, placing the soon to be legend on the loose free of a contract, more here.

More series news on Contador and Andy’s developing relationship, ignited during the 2010 TDF, after their sickening displays of affection can be found here.

“"What we've seen on this Tour between the two favourites is inconceivable," ranted Fignon, who knew a thing or two about feisty duels in his time.

"Cycling can't be a thing between friends. The competition has to be merciless, especially once the race is started. Nothing should then stop it. I never fell into Bernard Hinault or Greg LeMond's arms. When you're rivals, you can't like each other, you mustn't like each other. It's not healthy."” @BlazingSaddles

In other news is just a coincidence that when you type ‘Contador’ Microsoft want to change it to ‘Contender’? Was his parents that wise?!?

Man love – it’s not healthy! FS