Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Photos M Smith.

The wind was howling and the circuit was testing. No big climbs but a series of undulations that tested the legs with the pulses of acceleration form the pack. The wind cut from the west and taken side on more then in the face, and it was this that made breakaways possible.

Homburg broke in the last lap and claimed third, after telling his breakaway colleagues he "didn't have a sprint so we better get on with it", they later said they thought he was foxing - but learnt he was a man of word! Myself (FS) placed in third from a last lap breakaway of four, which became a sprint of three, in similar fashion to the burg - but i just f**cked the sprint, to make it a threepeat for the BG.

Thanks to NCC and all who helped for putting on a great race and special thanks to the corner martial's who stand out there in the wind and rain, giving us the opportunity to race safely, cheers, FS.

Shout out to SW who DNF'd thanks to illness, get better soon. Very unlike the duracell of late, who deserves a mention just for finishing the 100km handicap last week, in sight of the sprint, while burg and I watched from the finish line after piking @ the 70 and 80 km mark respectively! or not?