Tuesday, August 31, 2010


“Nice to see so many out Sunday, the extended ride to Outer Harbour, after doing the normal Semaphore loop had me almost get to 90kms. For those who have read Franks post on this Saturday's Criterium racing at Vic Park and are interested in going along. I have found out a few more details:

If you haven't joined a club yet, then you can get a 3 race license for $44, which will be discounted from your full license fee should you choose to join for the year. This can all be organised on the day. Though it would make sense to fill in the forms that are on the Norwood CC website CLICK HERE. Also for those first timers like me, they are running a skills clinic (details below) prior to the racing, hope to see you there.” Andrew

Open to ALL riders is a FREE SKILLS COACHING CLINIC prior (12.15 - 12.45) to the first crit race of the new season.

If you’re planning to race for the first time give yourself plenty of time by getting there around 12, in your gear, with your forms filled out, to give you time to register for your licence, get graded and sign on. You want to try and get some laps in for warm up and just clear your mind and concentrate on what you’re about to do before the first racing starts at 1pm (this could be your race). Recommend all try a few laps on the course before the day, they usually run it clockwise but also switch it from time to time.

If this is your first race, don’t make the mistake of taking racing too lightly, it is a race not a recreational ride and people get hurt when someone does the wrong thing. The packs a little more aggressive and tighter with less tolerance for mistakes. Hold your line and don’t change speed or direction to dramatically, stay smooth and consistent. Try not to jump on the brakes too much just ease them on if you have to and don’t over react to the pack slowing into corners. Most important of all is don’t ‘cross wheels’. Never let your front wheel ‘cross’ next to the back wheel of the rider in front. This means they can move from side to side at any time without taking out your front wheel. Consistency and concentration are the key to good clean racing.

Other than staying smooth the key is to stay relaxed. Also it’s a race, so have a crack at a spurt off the front and break some wind, it will help calm the nerves, and you have nothing to lose by having a go and failing, you’ll just learn, but if you never try, you will never learn. FS

See Cycling Tips for some good tips and insight into racing.