Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Early Start this week 7.30am IN THE CITY and 8am @ the TOWER HOTEL. Only 7 more weeks till Amy’s Ride so this week we are headed for the hills with the Norton’s TT last week, a good warm up to what is an easier then it looks ride to Hahndorf. To clench the thirst of the mountain goats amongst us we've included a departure from the usual Hahndorf ride to include the Forest Range climb. This is a killer and for those with little climbing in the legs this season should avoid by way of the Range Rd short cut from Basket Range to Carey Gully, and skip the Jones Rd Route from Balhannah to Hahndorf taking the Amberside Rd route. We'll nominate two group leaders, one for each route to make sure all don't get lost. Will post map my ride maps when complete. FS - all complaints should be directed to Brian!

Meet @ 7.30 in the city OR 8pm @ the Tower Hotel, Nortons climb, Ashton, Basket Range. Short option: Range Rd, Carey Gully, Greenhill Rd - Balhannah, Amberside Rd. Long option:Forest Range, Deviation Rd, Greenhill Rd, Balhannah, Jones Rd. Handorf Bakery for coffee. River Rd, Aldgate Valley Rd, Sterling, Old Freeway Home.
Long option google MAP HERE

NOTE: Meet @ 7.30 in the city OR 8pm @ the Tower Hotel!