Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Photos by KN more @ flickr

After last weekend's domination of the podium, with even the announcer commenting on the number of BG's lining up for honours, it seemed inevitable that there would be a slight lapse this weekend. There was plenty of hard work and excellent efforts throughout the grades.

One little BG did his bit though!! Organisers decided to mix it up for the Junior D Crits using a ‘motor pacer’ for the 1st lap of the 5 lap race. Following the exit of the pacer there was a fierce attack on the peloton by a rider leaving the youngest BG (Lewis) to fight it out with an older rider for second place. Lewis grabbed the well deserved podium position of third following a hard battle.

E grade - With Gavin on the mend with his knee and battling a cold, and Andy recovering from far too much Pinot Noir sunk at his engagement party the day before, there was only Brian and myself (who was also suffering from a fair bit of over consumption at the engagement party) left to ride the E's. After losing the previous weeks winner to D-Grade, early thoughts suggested Brian would be a show for a step up the podium. All was looking good on the last lap, until I forgot that you actually have to turn at 90 degrees at the end of the straight. This became quite hard at 53kmh, and I rolled wide losing my spot in the pack, Brian held on to near the lead. However, he got blocked coming out of the last corner to finish near the front, though out of the placings. I finished at the back of the now spread out pack. A couple of new additions from Port Adelaide hurt our chances. However, plenty of lessons will be learned and we will get a couple of helpful additions ourselves next week.

D grade - Steve Walker was again the lone Bastardi in D's, and once again sat at the front of the pack for the majority of his race. As usual, there was far to much smiling and waving going on from Steve. I think he actually enjoys pain. It sounds as though some help may arrive next week with Dan Kuss set to sign up.

C Grade - With a later than normal start time throwing Gatesy's plan to race out the window, C- Grade had only Dave Homburg and Jason Green racing for the BG's with Frank being moved up to B's after two dominant wins in the previous two races.

Jason started a couple of very strong breakaways and was looking good with a couple of laps to go. However, one or two riders began bridging the gap which helped the field catch up on the second to last straight. Homburg, was at his domestique best throwing in plenty of cat and mouse games with the pack in an effort to keep the field back. However, the bright orange jersey probably stands out a bit too much for that to work as well as it once did.

B Grade - After a couple of wins in C's, Frank was moved up to B-Grade, with a serious jump in the pace and intensity, he still managed plenty of work at the front of the pack, and got involved in a short breakaway early on. With a very close finish in a large pack he did very well to finish somewhere in the top-10, with a photo finish for the top 5 places. Seven wide across the line and one bike length covering the top 8!

Associate BG's, Shaun Kasbergen and James Clough claimed 2nd and 3rd respectively in B's, well done boys. Some 'behind' the scenes discussion involving some 'high level' trading could see some useful additions to B-Grade soon.

Thanks Race Report contributors, Andrew Wilson, Steve Walker. FS

Link to CSA Video coverage of the racing on youtube

Photos by KN @flickr