Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lewis Walker Carving up vic Park! Pic Via CSA

Congrats to the biggest little BG, Lewis and his placing third overall in the Vic Park Junior Criterium Series in D grade, in his debut season!

Junior D Grade
1. Tim Lennon
2. Dan Tattersal
3. Lewis Walker
4. Peter Cheyne
5. Eddie Little
6. Naomi Hallandal (W) *FIRST WOMAN
7. Leanne Ward (W)

Results via CSA

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Meet @ Hindmarsh Sq @ 7.30am or;
Tower Hotel @ 8.00am.

For something a bit different the ride is going to finish with coffee on the Parade. The intent is to get the ride finished earlier, with short cut options and the option to skip coffee.

This one’s going to hurt! Not a long ride, but a hard ride! Lots of short cut options, but both the 'pain lives here' and 'harden up' routes will have you doing some hard climbing, and the intent is that, you will be cursing my name by the time you reach Lofty! Some real climbs in the mix here; Norton’s, Ashton, Forest Range, Greenhill Rd and Summit Rd to Lofty just to check you have nothing left to give! We’ll have a group leader for each route and the intent is that the groups should be fairly close to one another by the time we get back to Norwood.
If you are intending to do the Tour Down Under ride the time to start training is long gone with only 8 Sun rides left till the TDU ride and 7 till Ride like Crazy, add Christmas to the mix, and....get on your bike stat!!! It's time to start ramping up your training, and getting some long hard km's into your legs. FS
Pain lives here - 72km : MAP HERE
Norton’s – Ashton – Basket Range – Forest Range – Lenswood - Swamp Rd – Greenhill Rd – Carey Gully – Uraidla – Greenhill Rd – Lofty - Norwood.

Harden up - 58km : MAP HERE
Norton’s – Ashton – Basket Range – Forest Range (climb) – Deviation Rd (shortcut) – Carey Gully – Uraidla – Greenhill Rd – Lofty - Norwood.

Soft option - 49km : MAP HERE
Norton’s – Ashton – Basket Range – Range Rd (shortcut) – Uraidla – Greenhill Rd – Lofty - Norwood.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010





Pics by FS, more @flickr

“Do you know who lives there? Pain lives there. We’ll see who’s still laughing at the top. I think it’s time to shut up now and let the legs do the talking”

The older guy, as told by,The Ghost.

via Fyxomatosis

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Pic via la.gazzetta.della.bici big version here

It's compulsory all BG's know these in addition to the usual signal’s and conventions of the peloton. The Mac’s will be conducting testing on your fluency! FS

Friday, November 19, 2010


pic via fyxomatosis.

If you like bikes that look traditional but perform cutting edge, then this is the compromise for you. Beautiful old Basso frame with Campy record 11 speed! See more @fyxomatosis.



The BG TT is a combined hills beach ride, with a run up Norton’s. From Norton’s then head down to Henley via Port Rd / Military Rd for coffee @ Evidas cafe. Some of us including myself, will be racing Sun so enjoy the ride and pop by when you’re done to see SA’s best going at it, on the Victoria Park circuit.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Andy T victory in E's!! Vid via Cycling SA. Thanx MG for the hook up.


Danny's new video ...Unbelievable!
As seen on Bike Rumor. Need more.. see Danny's break out video here. FS

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TUE CRITS 16/11/10

Pics by Andrew W

Andy WON! An awesome effort with an early launch form the end of the back straight sore Andy T smoke the field, easily winning the final sprint and taking his first victory and placing in E grade. Well done mate, I know Andy has been training hard, and is a quiet achiever (unlike myself!). Can't say how proud I am of Andy, he's come a long way with his riding, and took his victory in true BG style!! Andy was the only BG in E grade this week and represented well. Other BG racing - the Dan and Green-o in C's and Jason in D's. Not sure how these guys finished but photos suggest they raced hard in BG splendour!

This next bit is about my A/B Grade race, and goes on a bit and if you think it's excessive, don't read it, and f... .ff! If you want an insight into my potentially mad bicycle obsessed thoughts... read on.

It was decided that A & B was to be combined 10min before the race, Awesome! Grazing in a good paddock in perth, and not training much of late had me hating the idea. Even forgot my computer, but thanks to Steve I would have a machine to tell me yes you are going as F'n fast! Got to love Garmin, and the edge 500, fully interchangeable, twist and go, customised one of the screens field views to time and speed in less them a minute and away you go! Steve's computer even auto laps at the finish line off GPS - tricky little bugger, i might have to program this function!

Any hoo product plug over - the race was hard and fast with the pace early catching me and others out at the back and I should have known better and was punished for it. Took around 3 laps to get across the gap and settle back into the lead pack, here is where my domestique duties started dragging Shaun (honorary BG & all rnd nice guy) over the gap and back into the fold. It was hard and surreal at first racing @ A grade pace with 62 other cats, there was no letting up, thats for sure and I spent half the race on the threshold of my gag reflex! In the end the 62 rider field only dwindled slightly by the end and the pace became more, not comfortable, but doable, as I got settled.

Now the decision I made in the final chapter of the race may seem strange, and to an extent it was, but i fell no regrets and currently write this post feeling stoked at the result!

As we finished the 2nd to last lap I pulled up on the inside of Shaun moving down the pack on the main straight and with no premeditation, I decided in that moment, I'd offer a lead out form about 3/4 if not further down this mammoth pack. "Lead out", "Yes" what else was Shaun going to say!

We were a long way back and the pace was smoking hot but nailing the bottom corners and just winding the pace up along the inside edge of the pack keeping my acceleration smooth for Shaun. 1/2 way down the pack, 1/2 down the back straight, quick check, Shaun's there, hit the 'go' button, full throttle in saddle, smooth! Next thing I know I'm gaining on the leaders that have hit the head wind @ alarming pace, and picking the small gap between Sean Boyle and the curb becomes the issue but @ 20m before the final hair pin I/we hit the lead flying. Nailing the final corner, I even took some alu off the pedal but didn't dare let up and gave the exit of the corner and shaun all I had left.

Then 40 m from the line I'm done, "GO, GO, GO!" My game over, job done, Shaun streaking away from me at pace - I mean fast hitting 67km/hr in the sprint and leaving the ensuing A grader's in his wake! Me sat up with the box seat!

I finished 8th overall and 4th in B's, but none of this mattered as I'd succeeded at doing what I'd decided (90 sec earlier) I wanted to achieve, the perfect lead out and a mate's victory that felt as sweet as those of my own. I now understand why Mark Renshaw does what he does for a crust, so rewarding!

Congrats to Shaun as I didn't do all the work, he positioned him self well in the race and held my wheel perfectly in a tricky run to the final corner started long way out, his sprint to hold of the pack was phenomenally fast!

You might think Shaun isn't a team mate there is no team bonus for me, there are no photos or video that capture my efforts, no accolades, no points. But there is pride, mateship and a sense of accomplishment. If I'd ridden for my self, form that far back in the pack, I'd probably have finished in a similar position, burning out just before the line, but maybe a mate would not have won in an A grade race. 'BG'rade, mofo's! When the system screws u, f..k it up!

Domestique for hire!

Sorry MS, I won't be 'weak' and sit up before the line, next time u come to watch me race!! Gotta love'em!

Monday, November 15, 2010

SUN RACE 31/10/10

Photos by M Smith @flickr.

Sorry for the delay, as mentioned here in race report 31/10 I got shipped out to Perth for a couple of weeks. This was hands down the hardest race I've ever done, including today's A B combined race (this was also hard - just not painfully hard). I can't stress how god awful the conditions really were!!


Kate M and myself have been riding together now for a couple of months, and we'd like to extend the invitation to other women who are either thinking about getting back on the bike, and those that are keen to start riding.

So not to conflict with the existing BG rides, we have been heading out Saturday mornings and have generally been heading up to the hills, but we are happy to do some flatter rides to suit other abilities. There is also the possibility of mid-week rides if we get enough interest.

Please tell any women you think might be interested to come out riding with Kate and Kate!

Contact me through Frank or keep an eye on the blog for more information.

Friday, November 12, 2010

TUE CRIT 2/11/10

Video via Cycling SA

The first Tue night crit of the summer season. Well done to Gates-e on his second in C grade, looks like he faught hard in blustery conditions but couldn't quite real in first. sorry for the short report - I was in Perth, and missed the race.

C GRADE (yellow caps 40sec)
1 D Morecombe
2 M Gates
3 A Edmondson
4 R Pryde
5 E Georgouras

Bicycle Express-Colnago
preme SprintD Ramm

Thursday, November 11, 2010


It seems like it is a race for second place give the form of Sean Boyle in A grade. He is lapping A grade and can’t be put up any higher. Here is standing after the last race.

Full points list here.

And for Team Bastardi
13th Frank Smith 9 points
26th Michael Gates 6 points
35th Jason Green 5 points
47th Brian Virgo 4 points


Friday, November 5, 2010


The ride this week is Amy's Ride, by default, if there is anyone looking for an easier ride feel free to roll up to Hindmarsh Sq @ 7.30 and see if anyone else turns up for a beach ride (u might be on your own).

Good luck to all participating in one of my favorite rides. FS

Monday, November 1, 2010


Pics from CSA

A better week for the BG in the results. Stand out performance was Jason the Green machine, and his power sprint into a vicious headwind form a long way out, using his power instead of waiting for the conventional sprint in the straight. It wasn't quite enough and in a two horse race greeno was just pipped for second.
The racing was extremly tough in hard conditions modt of the peltons in all grades fractured in the wind. It was a good day for break away win's. In B's ony 10 finished the race, on the lead lap!! Iwas happy with 4th given the conditions, but bummed iwas just pipped at the line for my first placing in B's! Hardest Crit Yet!
Will load more photos later, a bit harder from here in Perth! (f**ck'n useless PC's)!

Results taken fron NCC
1 P Mundy
2 A Smith
3 S Boyle
4 S McPhee
5 A King
preme Sprint S Boyle

1 M Witts
2 M Erickson
3 C Waters
4 F Smith
5 T McLoughlin
preme Sprint M Witts

1 P Leichelt
2 J Green
3 T Clayton
4 R Pryde
5 S Noonan (W)
preme Sprint Sinead Noonan

1 D Byrne
2 A Crowe
3 P King
4 I Cox
5 L Dadd
preme Sprint D Byrne

1 P Athanasia
2 G Kernich
3 D Valente
4 B Virgo
5 M Sparnon
preme Sprint P Athanasia