Friday, April 23, 2010



The ride is moved to MONDAY @ 8am Hindmarsh Sq out of respect for those who made sacrifices for our way of life.


Thursday, April 22, 2010



I can attest to Michael's assessment of the race last Saturday - no idea really of what we were in for which was probably a good thing. I've never ridden so hard in my life. With the pace that our group rode at, a breakaway was impossible. Had a go when we were coming up to catch Steve in the optomistic thought that the two of us could ride off the front, but the effort to bridge a 250m gap soon put the kybosh on that. In the end, Steve did what he does so well - ride hard at or near (or off!) the front for a long time. It was very much thanks to him that our group kept away from the pursuing groups for long enough for me to make a final dash up the short (1km) climb to the finish and a top three place. Regrettably there was a 300m flat section to the line where I was overrun by two better sprinters (as usual- more interval training for me) with the first A grader about 10s behind.
By way of comparison, my stats were an average of 36.8km/h (thanks Steve), average heart rate of 175bpm (91% - thanks Steve), average cadence of 99 with the distance completed in about a minute slower than Michael's group.
As for a course design for climbing next week, it'll all get down to who is in a fit state to climb at the end of a race.

David Homburg

Wednesday, April 21, 2010



Perfect weather greeted us for the 92nd running of the Port Noarlunga handicap. I had been warning Frank, Dave Homburg and Steve Walker of the punishment that we were in for by signing up to this race but I'm not sure they fully understood. With the undulating roads around the top of range road it was not going to be an easy race. 90 riders had signed up for the race and were grouped into to 9 groups of 10 riders. The first riders off, were called the 15 minute group (starting first and 15 mins before scratch), next was 11 mins (starting 11mins before scratch) and progressed down to the last riders off which was called the scratch group. The race was 3 laps of a 17km circuit and first across the line wins

With the lack of any results Steve was put in the 15 min group and was first off. He pretty soon dispatched with the rest of his group and went solo for the first lap and a bit. Next off was Dave in the 11 min group. Myself in the 9:30 group and finally Frank in the 5 minute group, despite his pleading about lack of form. From my perspective, my group worked hard together. But the end of the first lap we had dropped several riders from our bunch and settled into tough pace. My first lap average was 38.5km/h and average heart rate of 92%(172) of my max!!! The time gap I had to the front of the race half way round the first lap was 4:15. The second lap was about a minute slower but the time gap reduced to 1:25. Meaning that in a lap and a half we had only pulled back 5 seconds on Dave. Mean while Frank had been dropped by the 5 minute group and called it a day after 2 laps. It was a tough ask for Frank considering his lack of riding recently and even staying with his group would be hard with full health.
Half way round the last lap my group was caught by the group behind which strengthen my bunch and upped the speed and gave us hope of holding out till the finish.
I thought we were looking good until we started the climb to the finish and I looked around and saw the scratch bunch 50 metres behind and knew we were out of luck. I rode tempo for the last 1.5 kms and was surprised to see my second and third lap times were identical. At the front of the race Steve and Dave had kept the pace up and were closing in on the finish line. As they started their sprint the scratch group was getting closer and closer swallowing up all the riders in front of them.
In the end just 3 riders managed to hold of the scratch group. The winner was a Korean girl here for training, second a young local girl and in 3rd place was Dave Homburg in a magnificent display of strength fending off the A grade riders.

So all 4 bastardi's put in a great effort for such a tough race, they are all now too well aware of the pain involved in a handicap race (it is much harder than a normal road race were you don't worry about being caught from behind). My stats at the end were an average of 37.1 km/h and average heart of 90%(168) of my max and covered the 51km in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Best of luck for this weekends which is way too hard for me, similar race and course but with an extra 25km and a brutal climb up Penny's hill for the finish, several km of about 7% gradient, a course designed for Homburg.

Michael Gates

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sun morning ride @ 8

My bad - ride this week was meant to change from 7.30 - 8 so sorry for the late notice but meet @ 8 in hindmarsh sq.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Nice bike - low price!



No cobbles but will definatly be hard on the day as a handicap race the hammer will be down on both the upcoming races. See links to maps of routes and elevations. FS



Monday, April 12, 2010



Fabian Cancellara stormed away to victory last night in a dominating performance showing all his power living up to his name - sparticus. Seriously this performance was jaw dropping, the way he pulled away after being attacked count less times by tom bonnen, cervelo, sky and others was incredible. He smashed the tiny final peleton with 50km to go accellerating away - ' looks like he's on a motor bike' - gav (commenting on the heli shot) pulling a minute out of the pack in less then 5 km. He pulled out more then 4 min at one point and there was nothing no one could do about it. Fab basically created his own personal time trial for 50 km on and off cobbles after already completing 200km of the hardest race in the world!! He finished he 260km race @ an average of 39km an hour!!

Thor Hushovd (Cervelo) claimed second ahead of Spain's Juan Antonio Flecha of Team Sky in a sprint on the Roubaix velodrome. Tom got going for his third pav'e in a row was betten for 4th by Hamond (cervelo) in a sprint! Not Tommie day!!

If you missed the coverage last night SBS will replay the highlights next sun @ 12 noon. Also check there video link on the cycling central web page, they should put some thing up.

This attack is def worth having a look at - one of the most dominating balls-e attacks I've seen since contador stretched he's legs in the tour last year (mind you he didn't do it 50km from home, on cobble stones!).


Saturday, April 10, 2010



Shorter options:
Gorge - Cuddly Creek and back. 60km
Gorge - Lenswood - Ashton - Nortons - Parade 75km

We can all Stop at Cuddly Dreek for Cofee if there is interest and those looking for an easier ride can turn for home back through the gorge.



The 108th Paris Roubaix will be on the tele tomorrow night on SBS @ 9.30!

This is one of the best spring classics to watch with the riders having to complete a 260km race through areas of cobble stones and if it rains mud!! always a great spectacle and recomend all the BG faithful check it out.

If you miss it this weekend it will be replayed on Sun 18th @12pm on SBS.

72nd Gent-Wevelgem
To wet your appetite checkout the coverage of the Gent-Wevelgem tomorrow @ 12 on SBS.



Robbie getting a convincing second in the Scheldeprijs semi classic behind Tyler Farrar. This is significant due to the careear threatneing knee surgery robbie was subjected to during the off season. Robbies form has been improving eversince his first victory back on the bike in Trofeo Palma Feb early this year.

Thursday, April 1, 2010



This Sunday as many of the BG will be going away and some are racing, those interested in a SUN RIDE meet at VIC SQ @ 7.30am. Those who rock up can decide on a route with the default being a beach ride, or a hills ride: Nortons – Lofty or old freeway - lofty etc.

All the best to Texas and the Burg Sunday with the first road race of the season.