Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hi all,

I thought I'd give some feedback to potential riders/climbers after sampling 4 climbs from the list below this afternoon. It's taken me a couple of hours to be able to stand properly, a shower, couple of beers and vaseline, but don't let that put you off.

Anyway...I tried Coach Road first, a classic climb in that each section was steeper than the first, with the last a sight to behold. When I finally made it to the end (the road ends because the road authorities finally realised they had made a mistake) I was met with...a nice young lady. It was a highlight of the ride. Last house on the left, brunette, about 30, great chat - she obviously sees very few people and seemed excited to see me. I panted - talked to her for a few minutes then dropped into a crazy descent. May I recommend this climb on a day you're feeling energetic and perhaps need to feel good about the world. The only downside would be if you don't make it, because you may end up on zoloft. And for those of you looking to then make it from Coach Road across to Norton Summit Road don't bother - the only road is a crappy dirt road...and you'll have to do more unecessary climbing to get back.

I next moved to Penfold Road which seemed pretty good compared to where I had just been but not a breeze. Once on top I dropped down Heatherbank Tce, questioned my sanity, did a u-tun and went back up it. OMG - hard hard climb and I feel for Peter Smith who lives at the top. He needs to take one of these two $#%$% roads to get home, his legs should be the size of tree trunks. Take him up on his offer in his email, I think he mentioned a spa, coffee, beer, wine...if only I had memorized his address I certainly wouldn't have done the last climb. I also tried abusing the road, like Andrew, and can't say I got anything out of it.

Three down, one to go. I thought about going home but my aim was about 50kms and one more climb.

Moving slightly off the list I took Franks "other" recommendation, Woodland Way. How hard could it be??? Can I just say this climb makes Nortons look like a pussy. Similar to Coach Road but nastier. I considered a walk of shame at one point, just after I felt like I had "given birth" in the last climb section, and came damn close, but invented a new motto instead which seemed to work for me at the time..."it's the bike or a barouche". All I could think about on the way up was how I should have borrowed Frank's arse-respirator, after a good wash.

I have no immediate plans to do the same rides again - at this stage I'm hoping I can get out of bed tomorrow morning. - Daniel G

Here's the list. FS

1. Mt Osmond – Hayward Drive (try climbing top of Glyburn Road on the way)
2. Skye – top of Kensington Rd to skye lookout. (Warwick recommends)
3. Coach Rd – Steep hard not much fun!
4. Penfold Rd – head south - past wattle park reservoir (past the trees in the middle of the rd) to heather bank tce
5. Heatherbank Tce (Stonyfell) – A bit longer then checkers but F**ing as steep (this will be one of the hardest short climbs you could do – a killer)

I recommend 1, and 4.

If these are too easy for you try Woodland Way – Parallel to Norton’s (climb as high as Norton’s in ½ the distance) bring your @ss respirator!