Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Thanks to those who came out and made a good ride out of a miserable morning. I think a great ride was had by all with around 14 BG getting to Lobethal. Some good groups starting to form in the pack, and on a whole the group has come along way in the last two years since the KKK.

Look to ride with each other on the road, even if it means sitting up a bit, regrouping and working with each other, stronger riders doing more work, makes it more enjoyable for everyone, and keeps it safe! It might look like us boys on the front just rip shreds off each other but we regroup, and ride together, cause we know we are stronger together then as individuals. Don't get me wrong - a little healthy competition is always great fun! You can still race for any nominal point on the road just work together to get there! FS