Friday, June 10, 2011


The Burg doing course reco outside of Macclesfield.

Alright, I got requests for longer rides - this week you get it. Change in the forecast program from McLaren Vale thanks to the sea to vines festival. Strath is same distance but probably a slightly easier ride then McLaren Vale and though long the ride is not as hard as the statistics would have you believe.

This is a long ride, but not beyond the abilities of majority of the BG. Important you pay attention to instructions below around meeting and the route. I expect everyone will look at the map and have an understanding of the route.

Meet City for 8am start - get there @ 8am!
More relaxed climbers m
eet @
Bollards - top Old Freeway @ 8.45ish.

Old freeway - Aldgate - Mylor Echunga - Maccelsfield - Strathalbyn (coffee) & back the same way. Map My Ride

Meeting point:
Coffee on the main street at the little shop to the right of the Post Office opposite the public toilets in the main park in the centre of town. If we split up meet here. The fall back location if can't get in to the coffee shop is the bakery on the cnr left of the post office and the bank.

We will aim to ride together, it's not a race so regroup wait for each other and look out for one another on the road. Bring suitable clothing i.e. a spray jacket, and tools, spare tubes etc.

The only short cuts are to turn at any point and go back the way you came at any point. Know your limits and ride to them, but I'd expect allot of BG to be able to do this. Climbing the Old Freeway is the hardest part! FS