Monday, June 6, 2011


Photos by FS, more

Turns out that Gumflat and Beaumont Rd are crackers going both ways! Great little scenic decent into Verdun on Beaumont. As a side note turns out Old Mt Barker from Bridgewater towards Crafers is a b!tch, just keeps taking little chunks out off you on each of its steep little rises that just keep slapping you.

A short but punchy little ride last Sunday in freezing conditions. Great to see a bakers dozen of BG out braving the weather which was a mix of god awful and blue sky with sun? Seemed to be raining all round us but not on us? At times you couldn't see the adjacent ridge thru the rain but never a drop fell on the BG! That wasn't to say there was no hard ship the ride was a proper winter grind.

A tricky little rolling course picked its way through the hills and hit a couple of tuff little bumps along the way. All short but hard little climbs, which helped to keep the group tight. The final climb to Piccadilly roundabout was crested together huddled as a solitary unit of pain, and respect with no attacks on that final crest... we saved that for the old freeway decent! FS

Q: "How do you take that corner that fast"
A: "Hold your breath!"