Sunday, June 12, 2011


More photos

Nice ride to Strath in freezing conditions, again the BG were spared from rain just some wet roads and a cool SE breeze which pushed against us on the way there and gave us a gentle push on the way home. The group was great today sticking together for all of the ride with just a couple of short regroups after climbs.

Bonus points go to Homburg chasing the group all the way to Strath after sleeping in reeling in a 10 min head start form Crafers and just catching us 50km later as we got to the cafe - respect! Great Cafe can recommend the cheese, ham & tomato toastie - gold! With the burg in the group the pace back was a little stronger but still steady and again we hung together well.

Great to see a decent gathering of riders willing to take up the challenge of a longer ride. It's an easier one next week with a beach ride, so I hope to see even more of you out there. FS