Friday, August 5, 2011



Swamp Rd - FS

Meet in Hindmarsh Sq @ 8.00am or
Tower @ 8.30am

Route Montacute Road - Pain lives here. Normal Pain lives here/Harden up/Soft option, with a Montacute climb instead of Norton's (+10km). Additional short cut is to meet @ tower @ 8.30 and take Norton's (-10km) then either option below.

Montacute is a solid climb with a long (3.5km) gradual false flat across the bottom leading into a reasonably steep climb from Montacute up to Corkscrew Rd and then eases up beyond. Conserve some energy on the first part of the climb as there is about 8km from Montacute to Marble Hill which represents the top. FS
See Data for the main part of the climb here.

Pain Lives Here : P.L.H. Montacute Map Here (81km)
Harden Up: H.U. Montacute Map Here (66km)
Soft Option: S.O. Montacute Map Here (58km)