Monday, August 22, 2011


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Chris Sutton took his first Grand Tour win in the opening road stage (02) of the Vuelta a Espana over night. PRoper Hard man srpint with a tricky decent into a little rise before the final sprint to the line. Brilliant finish by sutton, positioning him self at the top of the rise, reading the right initial attack by Vicente Reynes and was the only man to do so, committing to the move, tucking in nicely under Reynes before unleashing and attacking for the line at just the right moment to snatch victory! A hard finish, well ridden, and finished in fine Aussie style!!

I nearly fell off the couch this morning when Sutton's win was announced by Berets on 7 during Sunrise morning news report - even providing a video clip of the finish! Thanks to the increasing success of Aussies and especially thanks to Cadel lifting the profile of cycling in Ozzie mainstream media, these times are a change'n! FS

Qoute of the Week:

"The chiselled Australian, who trained as a carpenter before taking up professional cycling, carved out his win after axing through the peloton's deadwood and left an irate Vicente Reynes feeling like a plank moments before the finish." - Blazin Saddles @ Eurosport

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