Wednesday, November 23, 2011


OK, so by now it should be fairy obvious to all, that the wind down at my current place of employment  has started, with all the extra bits being added to the blog over the last week or so.
Given all the planning and infrastructure related people in our group I thought this may be of interest....

Given Copenhagen and Amsterdam are considered the nirvana of  cycling in the city and London has been trying to improve over the last fifteen years, could Adelaide take a bigger step towards one of these cycling based cities, with the announcement of $2million in funding. If you want to have your say beyond legal graffitti on the various signs around the place at the moment, check this out.


(thanks Mr. Kuss!!)

It allows you the chance to have your say about what improvements you would like to see occur within the city, including improving the cycling networks. Many forums and discussions have already been held, though it looks like there are still opportunities to have your say.