Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Photos via CSA by Chameleon Photography

Congrats to Andrew Wilson on his WIN on Sunday taking out E grade, collecting his first win! Too modest (believe it or not) to blog it himself, so here's my (FS) write up. I'll start with, in all honesty Andrews's win was awesome to watch,  it was tactically brilliant, a perfect race. See full posting for more on AWs win.

Well done to Sammy cementing himself as a place getter in D's, that first win is with in reach but yet to be earned. Also look out for Jon Blank coming up in D's, good man doing a lot for NCC behind the scenes. Also I believe the youngest BG claimed a second, well done Lewis! FS

Full story and more photos after the break...

In tricky conditions a two man break had taken no less then 250m,  almost the length of the straight, out of the pack and looked as though they where going to take the money with no organised chase in the tricky conditions. Then with 3 min to go Andrew attacked out of the bunch into the wind, exploding across the gap in less then 1/2 a lap, everyone looked like they were standing still in comparison.

AW made contact just in time to get two to go, then sat on into the wind, while one of the break men tired and dropped off in the final lap Andrew sat in on the last man till rounding the last corner and hit his sprint, dropped his man and streaked away for the victory! A very stylish way to take a win! Bravo!

You might think E's yeah that's easy I could roll around with them, I could probably win in E's. But the truth is only one man gets the win, and getting to that line first is far from easy, a lot needs to go right, not always the strongest or fittest wins. Lots of new and young riders come up through E's, and it can be very competitive. So all due respect to Andrew, got the win he deserved, as he's worked hard, come along way, raced a lot of crits, to pull off the perfect win! FS

1 Andrew Wilson
2 Andrew Thompson
3 Jon Eime
4 Lisa Smith
5 Steven Maney

1 Alex Walker
2 Andrew Hammond
3 Ian Jones
4 Samuel Webb
5 Jon Blank

Photos via CSA by Chameleon Photography