Wednesday, November 16, 2011


BG represented well again with a couple of of placings, both will be up a grade next race! Well done to SW for another well earned placing in D's getting in a six man breakaway in tricky conditions, and sprinting well to claim third. Noticed also young Walker pulled a second on the weekend also, Steve better watch out Lewis will be all over him in no time! See Track results and photos @ CSA.  I (FS) claimed third in B's, look out A's here i come and JB pulled a 4th first week up in C's, will be good to see him and Sam go toe to toe this summer!

Thanks to Gilly for hooking me up on the day, replacing my rear gear cable after it snapped pre race. Had the bike tuned up, running smoother then ever in minutes. Ever need assistance with anything cycling, Gilly is your man and Supers have always been great to me so get in there and show a local bike store support, tell him Frank sent you and he'll make sure to heckle you! 

You can't buy everything on line - like a gear cable, installed and tuned at 9.00am on a Sunday!!! Results in full post. FS

1 Sang Hoon Park (Korea)
2 Lachlan Glasspool
3 Nils Waterman
4 Alan Gill (legend Mechanic & Cyclist) 
5 Tom Baxter

1 Lincoln Wauchope
2 Craig Yates
3 Frank Smith
4 Andrew Clarkson
5 Jason Braiotta

1 Nathan Ross
2 Aaron Pollard
3 Phil Weston
4 Jon Blank
5 Ryan Duffy 

1 Matthew Double
2 Ryan Zidarich
3 Steve Walker
4 Leo Simmonds
5 Chris Harper