Monday, December 19, 2011


A brillant year of riding. Thru a tuff winter we enjoyed exceptional numbers  and in the last couple of months the group rides have been impressive in spirit and pace. The BG is a diverse brethren forged in pain, sweat, caffeine, cadence and laughter. The BG seems to ability to inspire and include, while harbouring and encouraging true potential, bring the best out of each other, is its endearing quality. Merry christmas BG's, I personally owe each of you for inspiring me to be a fitter better cyclist and ultimately person.

Last of all, we notched up our first placing in A's last weekend. 3 BG's racing A's. Never dreamed i'd see 3 BG's racing let alone, lined up rolling into the final corner, primed for the sprint, in A's. A true achievement for the BG's at large. KAS 4th in A's followed close by FS after JC's lead out. We may not have sponsored bikes and kits, but we've got the best post race fruit cake and sandwiches!

Enjoy the holidays BG and hope to see you all fit and healthy on the roads in the New year. As always don't back off on the bike, holidays just mean an excuse to ride longer and as always harder!

Keep an eye on the blog for rides during the holidays. As the next two rides fall on Christmas Day and New Years Day i'm bring them forward to the respective Saturdays. FS