Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Might want to check your back before you hit play, NOT safe for work. Sh!t bike but much better looking ginger then is ever found frolicking in the BG! I've clearly been attending the wrong group rides where do i find the swim suit, smoking hottie group? Dibs on domestique, i'd be happy to fetch water bottles all day! Brings a new meaning to wet ride! Also brings a new meaning to the 'Harden up' ride ! I'll stop now! FS



Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Pillars of Italian Cycling 6.1 Found @Bianchista

Make a good cup of coffee and settle in to watch this one (full screen please and HD all 35 mins of goodness!). A great feature documentary put together by Peleton. A great magazine, I can highly recommend it. Very well written, great photos and all round style. FS

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011


198 riders, 3 component sponsors, 21 Stages.
Which sponsor get its money’s worth?

01. CAMPAGNOLO (Gilbert, Omega Pharma-Lotto)
02. SRAM (Garmin-Cervélo team)
03. SRAM (Farrar, Garmin-Cervélo team)
04. SHIMANO (Evans, BMC)
05. SHIMANO (Cavendish, HTC-Highroad)
06. SHIMANO (Boasson Hagen, Team Sky)
07. SHIMANO (Cavendish, HTC-Highroad)
08. CAMPAGNOLO (Costa, Movistar)
09. SHIMANO (Sánchez, Rabobank)
10. CAMPAGNOLO (Greipel, Omega Pharma-Lotto)
11. SHIMANO (Cavendish, HTC-Highroad)
12. SHIMANO (Sánchez, Euskaltel-Euskadi)
13. SRAM (Hushovd, Garmin-Cervélo team)
14. CAMPAGNOLO (Vanendert, Omega Pharma-Lotto)
15. SHIMANO (Cavendish, HTC-Highroad)
16. SRAM (Hushovd, Garmin-Cervélo team)
17. SHIMANO (Boasson Hagen, Team Sky)
18. SHIMANO (Schleck, Leopard Trek)
19. CAMPAGNOLO (Rolland, Team Europcar)
20. SHIMANO (Martin, HTC-Highroad)
21. SHIMANO (Cavendish, HTC-Highroad)

Shimano (12),

Campagnolo (5),

SRAM (4)

via @

Check more old logos @

Friday, August 26, 2011


VeloBeats August 2011 @Kiss my Panache by VeloBeats

Want some thing a bit more Hardcore, try Tour de Dub. Good trainer music, plug yourself in, turn it up, and mash the big chainring into oblivion!! FS

VeloBeats June Tour de Dub by VeloBeats

Thursday, August 25, 2011



Okay BG's, those with ambitions for this summer wether they are to dominating the crit season (or just see the finishing line), or those looking for a good summer of recreational challenge rides, it's time to get you B in to G! Summers a coming and the roads will be heating up soon so its time to get your base miles under your belt to push on into the season!

This sunday ride aims to provide a flat beach ride and a hills finishing loop to cater for every person in the group, a compromise between beach/hills and social/training. Those looking for a nice beach ride to kick start the season this will be a good opportunity with a shorter beach loop. Those looking for extra punishment are welcome to add a fast loop up cement hill and into the back of belair. This will be hard loop, if you come you know what your in for, you have been warned! FS

City - Port - Outer harbour - Sprint @ Roundabout (regroup)
Semaphore - Military rd - Trimmer Parade Sprint (regroup @ Evida)
Henley for coffee

Head for home - City 45km
Cement Hill climb - Majors rd -Blacks Rd Belair - City 85km


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Click image for full size.

Went for a short trip up the old freeway this morning.
Pretty good day for it. Now back to being stuck in the office. AW

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Simon clarke has signed to green Edge from Astana. see more @SBS.CC. FS


2011 worlds squad announced for copenhagen, See more including womens squad and U23 squads @SBS.CC

Long Team - Elite Men
1. Jack BOBRIDGE (Evaston Park SA, 13.07.1989 / Garmin Cervelo) TT
2. Baden COOKE (Benalla, VIC 10.12.1978 / Saxo Bank) RR
3. Simon GERRANS (Jamieson, VIC 16.05.1980 / Team Sky) RR
4. Matthew GOSS (Cressy, TAS 05.11.1986 / HTC Highroad) RR
5. Adam HANSEN (Edmonton, QLD 11.05.1981 / Omega Pharma Lotto) RR
6. Heinrich HAUSSLER (Inverell, NSW 25.02.1984 / Garmin Cervelo) RR
7. Mathew HAYMAN (Araluen, NSW 20.04.1978 / Team Sky) RR
8. Leigh HOWARD (Waurn Ponds VIC, 18.10.1989 / HTC Highroad) RR
9. Michael MATTHEWS (Farrer, ACT 26.09.1990 / Rabobank) RR
10. Robbie McEWEN (Mermaid Beach, QLD 24.06.1972 / Team Radioshack) RR
11. Cameron MEYER (Helena Valley, WA 11.01.1988 / Garmin Cervelo) TT
12. Stuart O'GRADY OAM (Unley Park, SA 06.08.1973 / Leopard Trek) RR
13. Richie PORTE (Hadspen, TAS 30.01.1985 / Saxo Bank) TT
14. Mark RENSHAW (Bathurst, NSW 22.10.1982 / HTC Highroad) RR
15. Rory SUTHERLAND (Canberra, ACT 08.02.1982 / United Healthcare) RR
16. Chris SUTTON (Sylvania, NSW 10.09.1984 / Team Sky) RR

Monday, August 22, 2011


Images Video found @ CT

Chris Sutton took his first Grand Tour win in the opening road stage (02) of the Vuelta a Espana over night. PRoper Hard man srpint with a tricky decent into a little rise before the final sprint to the line. Brilliant finish by sutton, positioning him self at the top of the rise, reading the right initial attack by Vicente Reynes and was the only man to do so, committing to the move, tucking in nicely under Reynes before unleashing and attacking for the line at just the right moment to snatch victory! A hard finish, well ridden, and finished in fine Aussie style!!

I nearly fell off the couch this morning when Sutton's win was announced by Berets on 7 during Sunrise morning news report - even providing a video clip of the finish! Thanks to the increasing success of Aussies and especially thanks to Cadel lifting the profile of cycling in Ozzie mainstream media, these times are a change'n! FS

Qoute of the Week:

"The chiselled Australian, who trained as a carpenter before taking up professional cycling, carved out his win after axing through the peloton's deadwood and left an irate Vicente Reynes feeling like a plank moments before the finish." - Blazin Saddles @ Eurosport

See photos highlights

Friday, August 19, 2011


BIG, Aussie signing, for Green Edge. Its getting exciting. Gerrans is a great cyclist and a real class act, taking stage wins in all three grand tours and developing in the classics. Green edge is building momentum and it's only going to get better. More @SBS.CC FS

See twitter @_Green Edge_. Also check the website:


2 Days 3 stage race for A to E grade.

This looks like a great weekend of racing.
Register @CSA noms close on 1st September.

Any one got a sperm helmet they can lend me!! Bills-e i know you have one in the closet you have been itching to bust out! Where do i get a sweet TT chiwawa to keep me company in the TT, cant see it, look under the arm pit here. Bad year to have a mid road season break - stage racing, sh!t, it's time to get back into training! FS

Saturday - September 10th
Stage 1 Road race
100km A-B
80km C-D

Sunday - September 11th
Stage 2 Road race
80km A, B, C, D

Stage 3 TT
18km time trial

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Beaumont rd - look sideways! BG flickr

Meet in Hindmarsh Sq @ 8.00am or
Tollgate @ 8.30am or Bollards @9:00am

Route: Old Freeway, Picadilly Rd, Gumnut Road, Beaumont Road, Verdun, Hahndorf, back via Aldgate Valley

Shortcut would be to head through Stirling and Aldgate and turn off on River Road to Hahndorf, similar distance without some of the climbing. AW

Map here: Map

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Danny MacAskill @ his best!
Sweetshots, sweet sound track + Epic Skillz = nice vid! FS

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


After 8 weeks with no training, I'm so keen to get back into form, I've been busting sum laps in the moon light! Couple of more midnight pics at flickr. FS

Monday, August 15, 2011


So frank asked me to help out with the website, and add stuff that I found interesting. Seemed only right that I keep up the legs of the week. Image taken by Paul Huf.
- AW

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cool Retro Album @ Peleton magazine

Evans in a bad@ss pink mapei kit, leading the Giro in 2002. FS

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Via twitter: , 15 hours ago image Cycling.News
"@taylorphinney: This almost caused a couple crashes today: ” FS

Friday, August 12, 2011


Green Edge are aiming to be Australia's first UCI world tour pro team, with a focus on filling the roster with majority Australian riders and internationals. Things are building momentum @Green Edge as they start to announced who they have signed. They have been suppling great updates on twitter @_Green Edge_. Also check the website:

The best place for updates and info seems to be Cycling tips, delivering great coverage as always in a running /continuous thread on Green Edge which CT updates as information on signings comes to mouse.

So far two SA boys have been signed in Bobrigde and O'Grady and the team will appear here in ADL for the Tour down Under. So help get behind our national team they need all the attention they can get to help attract a naming sponsor and ever mouse click and conversation over coffee helps! Spread the news - build the hype! FS

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Outer Harbour - Henley + Glenelg - City, 70km

Normal Outer Harbour run to Henley but with additional loop down to Glenelg Marina and back to Henley (+10km) Coffee @ Evida. Remember hold your line through the roundabouts.

Sprint points:
Outer harbour round about - Light pole before round about (regather)
Trimmer Parade - Bus Stop 31 before Intersection (regather)
KOM - Mt Patawalonga round about
Henley Esplanade - to the pub (henley beach rd intersection)


Looks like good weather - so hopefully see a few BG's out.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Some cracking videos by RobinMoore.

Found Performance trawling thru You Tube a while back but for some reason lost the link and couldn't find it, till today. Get Dirty is the sequal to performance.

Robins latest release Le Velo is gold. After being at the tour and seeing the Euro flare first hand this video is spot on. I've never seen so much white kit in my life, and even witnessed smoking post ride in lycra?! FS

Friday, August 5, 2011



Swamp Rd - FS

Meet in Hindmarsh Sq @ 8.00am or
Tower @ 8.30am

Route Montacute Road - Pain lives here. Normal Pain lives here/Harden up/Soft option, with a Montacute climb instead of Norton's (+10km). Additional short cut is to meet @ tower @ 8.30 and take Norton's (-10km) then either option below.

Montacute is a solid climb with a long (3.5km) gradual false flat across the bottom leading into a reasonably steep climb from Montacute up to Corkscrew Rd and then eases up beyond. Conserve some energy on the first part of the climb as there is about 8km from Montacute to Marble Hill which represents the top. FS
See Data for the main part of the climb here.

Pain Lives Here : P.L.H. Montacute Map Here (81km)
Harden Up: H.U. Montacute Map Here (66km)
Soft Option: S.O. Montacute Map Here (58km)

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Click image to enlarge, Found @ the.fixed.union

Putting it out there "Bike of the year". A bike fit for a legend! FS

BMC SLR01 - Mailot edition!
Di2 groupo
SRM power meter cranks
Mailot fizik saddle
Mailot speed play pedals
Easton EC 90 tubs with conti rubber

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


AW That's a sh!t bike you can do better than that! FS

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011


Following my absence off the bike with a bung achilles tendon, I'm starting to feel like this bloke.



So you may have thought with the title, that I'd be referring to the bizarre fact that Adelaide won the football yesterday, nope. Strange but I'm talking stranger than that.

You may also be forgiven for thinking that perhaps Andrew is talking about the fact that he won B-Grade at golf on the weekend, also strange but that would make me a little self absorbed if I was to mention that.

No this strange thing happened on the ride yesterday, the like of which I have never seen before. After getting to Meadows without hiccup, we were all sat drinking coffees and stuffing ourselves with cake. when POP! ttssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

Yep, Michaels back tyre decided to spontaneously burst and go flat by itself. Noone was anywhere near it and it was just resting up against the other bikes. However, something, somewhere decided that the three punctures he had last weekend were not enough, and decided to burst his tyre for him.

Hopefully, his luck changes soon. Well done to the 8 or so riders that came out. Back to the beaches next week. I'll try for one last legs of the week, and probably a post about the weekend's ride before I hand the steering wheel back to Frank, as he and Kate return from Europe on Friday.