Friday, January 13, 2012


For those who have nominated to have a BG team Jersey here are the collection details

My plan this year is to pick the Jerseys up Sunday if I don’t make it back from the RLC in time Andrew Wilson will pick them up Monday.

1. If I manage to pick them up on Sunday I will try to give some to those attending the BG picnic for the Cancer council classic

2. Alternatively I will be at the Crits on Prospect Road Monday evening for anyone attending. I will be at the Flora Terrace corner from about 7-7:45 for anyone attending. I will be wandering around the Prospect village area prior to the event.

3. I am working from home (prospect) next week so I can round up any stragglers during the week and make a couple of drop off’s if required. Please advise me by email or ring on 0401 994 449 if you need to make any alternative arrangements

Team Code BCT107
Captains Name Aldo Macolino
Captains Phone 0401 994 449
Captains Email address


Team Members First Name Team Members Family Name Jersey Size Team Members Registration Number (eg. BZ-0000000000)

1 Adam Saulwick 2XS BZ-0013493895

2 Aldo Macolino XL BZ-0012696886

3 Andrew Wilson L BZ-0012723628

4 Brian Virgo M BZ-0012725138

5 David Bills XL BZ-0012727030

6 Paul Eustace XL BZ-0013503205

7 Steve Balmer M BZ-0012723776

8 Rob Rau L BZ-0012726567

9 Frank Smith M BZ-0013483597

10 Alfio Macolino XL BZ-0012718143

11 Kate Naumann XS BZ-0013483597

12 Mike Lyons M BZ-0012723621

13 Steve Walker XL BZ-0013533346

14 Michael Tilley XL BZ-0013534544

15 Chris Whitham L BZ-0012685542