Wednesday, June 27, 2012


"Born from the depths of winter, a bastard child of excess & excuses, a few too many un-earned latte's, soft calves and a little Cadel inspiration."

To celebrate the start of Le Tour and a new BG Jersey, we are taking back to where it all began. It started in the middle of winter with a couple of  colleagues talking allot about riding, but not doing a lot until with some tour inspiration form an up and coming Australia prospect we found ourselves meeting in Hindmarsh Sq on a wet and windy winters Sunday morning. It was so bad that day we only managed to get to Glenelg before we sought shelter and defrosted our hands on a cafes gas heaters. We struggled back along Anzac pulling turns at what I remember a warp speed of 26km/hr!

Proof how simple the concept was and how true it remains today is that we meet same place, same time, same day. The cafe destination and conversation is still as important as the ride! And we ride for each other and push each other to be fitter faster stronger and enjoy our riding more. 3 of the 4 originals still ride regularly with the only exception having moved to Perth (which is a good excuse). Although the speed, distances and size of bunch have changed, the concept of a socially based semi-serious ride is as appealing to the newest riders as it is to those that were there on day 1.

This week we will retrace those firsts steeps and in BG style bury the hatchet on it by adding about 50km’s, a sign of how far we have come as a group. So please join us, celebrate the start of Le tour and how far the BG’s have come with the of reveal the much anticipated new jersey design over Coffee at Evida’s. No Excuses! FS

Meet Hindmarsh Sq 8am.
Anzac Hwy – Glenelg – Henley – Military Rd – Bower Rd (hold it together)
Semaphore – outer harbour (sprint at roundabout) Regroup.
Outer Harbour – Bower Rd (hold it together)
Military Rd – Trimmer Parade Sprint (Bus stop)
Henley Beach  Coffee at Evida’s
Henley Beach – Anzac Hwy – City

Calendar has been hi-jacked!!Good Luck Lads! AW