Thursday, August 23, 2012

SUN RIDE 26.08.2012 - HILLS


Easy Option - Hallet Cove - Via Unley Road/Goodwood Road/Seacombe Road and Bikeway Return Via Glenelg.

Harder Option - Instead of turning at Seacombe Road, head up Cement Hill past Majors Road and turn right at Penny Barr Road (first right after Majors) this will take you to a train stop where you can cross to catch up with the easy option

Hardest option - Turn left at Majors Road at the top of Cement Hill on to Black Road follow this until Murray's Hill Road (2nd left after the pedestrian lights at the bottom of the second big dipper) Follow to Blackwood and descend via Belair Road.

None of these routes are particularly long or hard, but they avoid the targa adelaide. Good luck to Brian if you are competing or navigating!

Frank has kindly filled out the basics of the calendar, and so I'll get off my butt and fill in some rides. feel free to suggest any routes by sending an email with a map to, and I'll include them.