Thursday, October 18, 2012

SUN RIDE 21.10.2012 - Montacute / Lofty

Montacute / Pain Lives Here / Lofty / Norwood

Meet -  7:30am - Hindmarsh Square
 or       - 8:00am - Tower Hotel

Montacute Road to Ashton (shortcut: Norton Summit to Ashton)

Then  .... Pain Lives Here options:

Pain Lives Here : P.L.H. Montacute Map Here (81km)
Harden Up:          H.U. Montacute Map Here (66km)
Soft Option:         S.O. Montacute Map Here (58km)

(Additional shortcut: down Greehhill Rd rather then Lofty/ Freeway)

Coffee on Norwood Parade