Friday, February 1, 2013


Bastardi's (yes I know that this is poor grammar)

I’m planning a little remedial ride for this Sunday in addition to our official route this week. My sense of balance is back but my fitness has long abandoned me after six months of being glued to the couch (or anything that didn't feel like it was moving).

Start at same place/time as normal ride, but I'm planning on doing the old BG beach route down Anzac Hwy and out to Bower Rd roundabout, coffee at Henley.

No obligation, as I’d otherwise just ride it on my own, but you’re more than welcome to come along if you've been away/off the bike/lazy/injured/new parent etc and want to get back into riding with the BG without feeling like you need to keep up with the regular pace.

This won't be a regular thing and won't split our bunch into multiple speed groups - it's just that I'm starting my fitness from scratch and need some easy riding to get back into things after such a long time with zero physical activity. At the moment I'd get dropped early into a flat BG ride (ie. before the Entertainment Centre) and I don't find that too appealing for my first ride back. Hills still feel out of the question for another few weeks.

I've totally lost touch with who is riding regularly these days and who's not been out, but I figure that there might be a few BG out there who have not been out for a while and might find this sort of ride a good way to start up again.

No sprints, chatting pace only, good times guaranteed, just like the old days.