Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Saturday Ride

Yep that's right its a change in the program again.
This week to help celebrate the 130th Anniversary of the Norwood Cycling Club, the weekly ride will be changed to a Saturday.

In support of BG's Frank and Pete Smith, who have done a great job in resurrecting the Norwood Cycling Club as one of the great clubs in the state and possibly even country, we want to show them how much better it can be with some more BG's involved in the events.

The ride will leave the clubrooms ( 7 George Street, Stepney) @ 10am and will head to Lobethal via Nortons and return via Gorge Road. The ride will be split in to groups meaning any of the BG will be more than capable of completing the ride. There will be a lunch at the clubrooms from 2pm so for all teh details check out :


For those not able to make it, then rock up at 8am on Sunday at hindmarsh square, where I'm sure a few will still be keen on heading out on a recovery ride. However, if you are planning on doing Amy's ride, are interested in supporting Frank & Pete, or juts genuinely like getting out with teh rest of the BG's then please make the effort to head out on Saturday.

see you there