Saturday, February 8, 2014

AGM Minutes

1. Routes
Much discussion about the routes, though I think everyone was in agreement. We want to keep the routes simple. Challenging enough to keep everyone interested, but options for those who think bike riding is fun. The solution was the formation of a limited number of rides that are regularly rotated. Where people are planning separate rides with a few BG, it would be nice to see these go up on the website so that other BG can join in. Alternatively, harden up and just join in.

Beach routes
1. Outer Harbour via Port Road – usual sprint points, option to Glenelg and back. (coffee at Evida)
2. Hallett Cove – via Goodwood/Seacombe/Cove Train line (coffee at Glenelg)
3. Outer Harbor via Anzac Highway – then return same way (coffee at Evida)

Hills routes
1. Hahndorf
             a. Easy – Old Freeway/Aldgate Valley/River Road & return
             b. Hard – Old Freeway/Piccadilly/Greenhill/Balhannah/ return via german town hill
2. Cudlee Creek
             a. Easy – Gorge Road & return
             b. Hard – Lobethal or Fox Creek then Greenhill
3. Mylor
             a. Easy – Old freeway/Aldgate Valley & Return
             b. Hard – Belair Road/Saddle Hill/Bradbury Loop return via Old freeway
4. Pain Lives Here
             a. Easy – Nortons/Basket & Forest Range/Deviation Road/Norwood
             b. Hard – Nortons/Lenswood/Greenhill/Norwood

These routes for these rides will be added to the webpage shortly, and the Sunday ride info will now only need to contain Beach 1, Hills 3 etc. as usual there will be 2 meeting spots on hills rides to cater for riders that need a little more time up the first hill.
Between myself, Mike Tilley, Billsy and Aldo we will ensure a Sunday ride is posted on the blog each week with a link to the route.

Epic Routes
Whenever there is a 5th Sunday in a calendar month an epic ride will be planned. (about 4 times a year) Epic rides will be done in groups. There will be a need to ensure you place yourself in the right skill level so you can keep up and still have fun. An easier option or route will always be provided. It is suggested that you make sure you bring enough spares and food with you on these rides. If people
Brian will continue to host a TDU reconnaissance ride the last Sunday before Christmas.

2. Challenge & Charity Rides
The BG have nominated Amy’s ride as their chosen charity ride. Whilst everyone is welcomed to do any of the other rides, an effort will be made to ensure numbers are at a maximum for Amy’s ride.

3. Racing/Sportifs
The BG support the effort the smiths have made to build Norwood Cycling Club, and in doing so suggest BG members race with Norwood. At this stage, we have set a timeframe for October 2014 to organise a sportif team for 2015. It is expected that those who race already will only act as support for the sportif team, and the sportif team be seen as a way of increasing the level of participation in Cycling SA events and continuing to grow the BG brand. Sportif’s are a much more relaxed version of racing.
There is a possibility that Norwood and others may have teams racing in the future and we push for that rather than entering a team in the vets, this is to ensure that we support cycling SA who support our junior and senior development of cycling in the state.

4. Kit
The kit will be made available again shortly, with Billsy to post the closing date details shortly.