Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Amy's Ride - Sunday 2nd of November

Meet up details 

AMY's RIDE Meet in Hindmarsh Square to ride to Flinders University  @ 7.00am

  • Please try to be not to be late as we will leave @ 7.10am sharp 
  • We will ride at a steady pace to Flinders. Meet @ Flinders around 7:40.
  • The "off" for Amy's Ride will be at 8:00am

If you want to ride straight there, meet at trees behind the goal posts on the oval, If all else fails look out for BG jerseys.

BG Beach Ride Those not doing Amy's Ride but looking for a Sunday roll to the beach meet @ Hindmarsh 7:00am (yes its early, but you will be home early) and ride down to Flinders with the group and do a beach ride from there.

Return Trip From Amy's Ride 

We will have a trailer available, which we estimate will take 6-7 bikes. They will have one spare seat in the car. Bikes and car space available on a first come/first served basis and we will need to ride back from Serafino to Seaford Shopping Centre (which should help people get their Strava 130k in a single ride). I should also have a spare bike rack and seat available. I will be able to confirm by Friday.