Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sundays Ride - Daylight Savings

Sundays Ride is beach ride Number 2 - Hallett Cove 

Meeting time is 8:00 am in the City 

The reason its in Large Font Bold is that Sunday is also the start of daylight savings, increasing distance and midweek rides. 

As per long established Bastardi tradition we don't shift to summer riding time until the Sunday a week after daylight savings starts. This means you only miss 60 minutes sleep on Sunday not 90 minutes. That gives us the right to be Bastardi  's the rest of the year. 

Kudos to those who braved the  70 kph winds to ride last Sunday. 


Where is that damm Road Runner!

Seriously this guy is training to attempt the HPV prone 1 hour record of 91 km. This is the machine sans fairing.