Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sunday Ride Report

By request I am going to try to do a Sunday ride report when time permits.

Sunday wasn't the best weather but 13 Bastardi answered Frank's call a great turn out. There was a huge amount of catching up as we haven't had this many out in a long time. I will point out it was only and average turn out by the standards of the old days. However it was great to have an old style big group Bastardi ride.

There was only one glaring problem "no Frank".

Turns out he had a puncture and we caught up with him on Port Road. From then on it was a return to the old days. You know the fast boys pulling big turns on the front, lots of shelter from the wind and lots of talking. 

We turned down Victoria road with a tail wind and apart from Greg losing his saddle bag (the one on his bike) we took a fast pace into the heavily contested first sprint.  I didn't note who won.

We turned into the wind and headed to Semaphore. Mercifully Brian refrained from ordering a pace line but the wind mandated quick turns.  We had just passed Semaphore road when Frank has another puncture. It was about 10 minutes before we got rolling again once Frank realised that neutral service wasn't arriving anytime soon. 

The West Lakes sprint went  "very early" starting at the boulevard lights. Instead of regrouping at the servo an early coffee stop was called. On setting off again we discovered that the Glenelg triathlon had closed Military road by the Patawalonga. 

Completely ignoring the directions of the guys in Hi-Vis the Director Sportif led a very confused group on a loop of the closed roads.

Three groups headed home Frank and crew along Anzac highway, other's went back to Outer harbor and the rest decided to avoid another slog into the wind and went back by Henley beach.

A great day out despite the wind. This week looks calmer so lets see if we can get an even bigger crew out.