Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sunday Ride report - The Return of Alf

Alf is on the far left for those who haven't been out in a really long time.

Sunday's ride saw the return of my brother Alf who's preparation for last summers riding was cut short by open heart surgery. Thanks to all the BG's who offered their best wishes and support. It was very welcome and Alf and I appreciated it very much.
A personal thanks from me to Sam for a chat and some welcome reassurance when it was needed.  

Now that his pump is fully reconditioned and the turbo charger has been installed Alf is back on the bike but still working on regaining his fitness. In BG style we decided to do the original BG ride taking a leisurely pace down Anzac Highway letting Alf drop off at the King St bridge then putting the hammer down for a  loop around at Bower rd before meeting for Coffee.

The little burst of rain may have deterred some of you in the morning but those who made the effort were rewarded with a great day. It was warm, humid and calm. The sea had that silver quality that  reminded me of Thailand.  The ride went to plan although the initial  leisurely pace was replaced with a solid workout out to Bower road and back. I got popped out the back just after the rowing club so i have no idea who took the sprints. As planned we all arrived for coffee withing a few minutes of each other and welcomed Alf back over a caffeinated beverage. 

After coffee we headed home via outer harbor.