Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sundays Ride - PAIN RETURNS

First an apology for last Sunday I completely missed that the City Bay fun run was on. I assume anyone who was out had the good sense to go port road instead.

This Sunday the Pain series returns. 

Meet in the City at 8:00 am  or at the Tower Hotel carpark at 8:30 am

We have had 8 weeks more winter than normal, so its well past time to start hauling yourself out of bed on a Sunday.  


Monday, September 14, 2015

Early Post for Sunday

An Early Post for this Sundays Ride its old faithful  

Henley beach Via Anzac Highway 

Meet in the City at 8am

Okay I am indulging my inner Geek with this weeks video of the worlds first cycling robot. I thought it was kinda cool and I note its riding a Fixie so technically its also the worlds first hipster robot. Unless you are a geek like me and find gyros and accelerometers interesting the first 30 seconds should suffice no need to watch the whole thing.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Sunday Ride - SHORT HILLS - Little Italy

Spring is here and our winter avoidance of the vertical is over. First Hills for the season.

The Ride for Sunday is Little Italy. For those that don't know its a short hills ride placed in the program to get us back to going uphill again in an acceptable manner. A great training ride if you can get out early on a evening.

BG Little Italy (Short Hills)

  1. City to Norton Summit - regroup at Tower  
  2. Norton Summit Rd - regroup at CFS station
  3. Lobethal Rd - Marble Hill Rd (left toward Montcute) - Right at Pound Rd - Knotts Hill Rd
  4. Burdetts Rd (Little Italy Climb) - regroup at the Basket Range Obelisk.

Return Options (to be decided on the ride)

Option 1: Lets keep it Short - Lobethal Rd - Norton Summit rd - Coffee at the Parade 
Option 2: This is too @$#&# Short - Lobethal Rd - Stoney Rise Rd (Ashton) - Woods Hill Rd -  Mt Lofty Summit Rd - Bike Track down - Coffee at the Parade 
Option 3: Virgo must be Crazy - Lobethal Rd - Forest Range - Swamp Rd/Deviation Rd (depending on who can talk Brian down) - Greenhill Rd - Mt Loft Summit rd - Bike Track down - Coffee at the Parade 

Meet 8:00 am in the City or 8:30 am at the Tower Hotel carpark

Lity Italy

I wont be out this weekend but have reached a milestone and got back on the bike this week. It will still be a while yet before I am riding regularly. I aim to be fit for at least the short Amy's Ride.  

Friday, September 4, 2015

Sundays Ride

Sundays Ride is the Beach via Port Road meet in the city 8:00am

Sprint Points at Outer Harbor. A choice of Coffee or Dowsing models in champagne at Evida's. the winner will need to supply both Model and Champagne.