Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sunday Ride Report - Misty

Sunday morning was one of those weird days where it was wet without it actually manning up and raining. So five BG did man up for a damp run up the gorge, it would have been six but Steve B missed us at the tower.

David H led us up the gorge at a good pace. Its been a while since the BG have gone up the Gorge Road and there is now a much better shoulder on sections of the lower gorge uptrack which made an even nicer ride than normal. The day had cleared by the time we regrouped at the top of the Dam wall. After checking out the tranquility we headed up to join some exceptionally shiny Harley Davidson's of coffee at the Cudlee cafe.

Cudlee Creek cafe cakes were fantastic as usual, they had a huge apple and berry pie on display that was roughly the diameter and height of 4 bike helmets stacked on top of each other and looked like it should be on the cover of Cuisine. A slice of that pie with icecream would have been great but climbing back on the bike afterwards....not so much. hence all the BG.s went for smaller options  

Oh! the ladies have installed a bike rack. Chrome of course.

Chrome - Nice!
We headed back into town and as fate would have it I punctured just after we hit the burbs. Turned out my spare tube had been unused for so long it had perished and didn't hold air. Phil offered me a his spare tube, it had also perished. Thankfully Geoff had a tube that actually held air. Motto of the story get out and ride more so your equipment stays  serviceable.

While all this was happening a elderly gent happened by and expressed surprise that we were still using inner tubes  and that they would have used a patch when he was riding.  <insert standard tube/tubular/tubeless discussion> He recounted his riding days with his club in England, heading out early on Sunday with 15-20 riders,  stopping for tea and having a chat. Basically exactly the same as we are doing now. The equipment has changed but the enjoyment has stayed the same. 

See everyone this week. beach ride to Hallet Cove.

PS: I suspect David H got the KOM points but I forgot to ask him to confirm.