Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sofie's Ride Report

This weekend we were back to the beach on a glorious day fro a ride. It was the ride where we celebrate the Chris and Alf becoming grandfathers on the same day as each other and both Granddaughters having very similar names Sofie for Alf and Sophie for Chris. Spooky!

As always Alf and Chris put on the coffee and cake. The attraction of free coffee and cake meant we had good turn out (13 by my count). Must have been a few psychics among us as I didn't even advertise free cake on the blog.  

This ride we also welcomed Brian back after his recuperation from a knee injury. He told us to remind him to take it easy which we did but he still was up there at the front. He has slowed down as he only manged fourth in the sprint but claims he didn't sprint!

Coffee at Esca was really pleasant and it was great to see such a good turn out.  We had a few much needed discussions about things we should do on rides going forward which I will endeavor to include.  

The beach rides are now getting people home around 11am so plenty of time for other Sunday activities

Not a sign I ever want to see on a bike going up, down is better.