Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sunday and the Start of TDU Week


This Sunday marks the start of the TDU (yes I am master of the bleeding obvious). We have a lot of ride competition with various community rides i.e.

  • Ride Like Crazy 
  • Ride for Juvenile Diabetes 
  • Big Red Ride
  • NCC TDU Series at Uraidla 

The BG Sunday ride is a Beach Ride - Port Road - Glenelg for Coffee - return to the city to collect TDU Jerseys.  Departure is 7:30 from the city.

For those doing the Ride like Crazy the meeting point as usual is by the entrance of the Unley Shopping Centre and Under the trees in the South Eastern corner of the Oval at the finish.

I will put a Bupa Challenge specific post on the blog next week.  If anyone is planning a Ride associated with the TDU and wants me to post it please drop me a note

Good Luck whatever your Ride is over the next week, say safe and enjoy the TDU.

Norton Summit Time Trial 

The TDU has added a time trial up Norton Summit with riders heading off between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. I don't know if any of the BG or BG associates are competing. If they are can someone drop me a note. I will post the start times and I will see if I can get someone up there with a  Vuvuzela