Monday, March 21, 2016

Pub Crawl

I have been commissioned by the events and entertainment sub-committee to book a afternoon of fun pub crawl  on the Handlebar pedal pub.

Each bike takes 16 people 12 pedaling 2 yelling at the rest to speed up.  The hire is for 2 hours with 3-4 stops along the way and we can pre buy up to 4 drinks each in the Esky. There are two bikes so we can get as few as 8 and as many as 32 people along for the ride.

I will only book if I have 12 definite takers as we have to pay up if we cancel within 14 days.  I am fairly busy leading up to this so some assistance with organization will be appreciated.

The BG Pub Crawl rules are

  1. We wear full BG kit with running shoes as there are no cleats on this thing
  2.  Points will added for chirping the tyres
  3.  Brian sits on the front left  so he can win all the sprints
  4.  Pubs to stop at will be chosen by consensus on the Sunday ride prior
  5.  Points will be deducted for any drinks dropped
  6.  What happens on the pedal pub stays on the pedal pub
  7.  Points will be deducted for inviting Ralph or Ruth along
  8.  The Points don’t matter 

Please review the pricing below and indicate a date preference.  Saturday the 9th has no football on and Saturday the 16th has a evening Crows game

I was thinking 1-3pm or there about TBC.  I sent a link  to a meeting planner out by email. See if you can get someone to send it on to you.



I think if we work on $60 per person assuming we have 12 people. That’s roughly 3 or 4 drinks per person. Final pricing will depend on numbers.

Hire of the Bike is =$500 (Assuming no late fees or $1000 for abandoning the bike)

Drinks are here