Friday, April 29, 2016

Time to Harden Up! L'Étape Australia

For Discussion over Coffee.

The L'Étape Australia will be held on Saturday the 3rd of December 2016. It is held in conjunction with ASO and includes a climb up the Col de Kosciuszko.

There are individual entries and team entries for more than 9 riders. Tobias has suggested this as a possible team training target for the BG to aim for as we come out of winter.  You would have to get a hell of a lot fitter than the for the TDU. Looking at Col de Beloka that means corkscrew repeats.

We will discuss over Coffee as well as how Michael's Gran Fondo organisation is going.

The full distance "Race" Profile. 2,727m of elevation gain. 
There is a shorter "Ride" profile  1,700m of elevation gain which is less than the average TDU. It basically misses out Kosciuszko but keeps the nasty looking Col de Beloka.  

Its a pity you don't come back down Kosciuszko as that looks like a hoot. The name of the start location sounds a lot like the instructions for getting a male Brazilian. 

Given the type of ride it is this will required co-coordinating transport and accommodation for 9+ people, bikes and assorted paraphernalia.

BTW I have a Polish wife and this really bugs her for some reason. Mt Kosciuszko is pronounced as follows: Mount k-oh-CH-OO-s-k-oh

There is no Cozzie.