Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sundays Ride - Set by Coffee Stop


We are now into the winter sequence and this weeks ride is to be decided by the chosen coffee stop and weather.

Meet 8:00 am in the City

A couple of suggestions but they are only suggestions
  1. The Extended foothills ride followed by Coffee at the beach as set
  2. A Southern hills ride, Coffee on Unley Road. ie Anzac Hwy, Cement Hill, Across the top and down Windy point.
  3. The Hills Face ride 
I have dug into the archives and we haven't done a hills face ride in quite a while

This sees us doing the start of the foothills ride at the parade and then the groups split
      • Slow group goes up Montecute Rd 
      • Fast group goes up the Gorge and the Corkscrew

We regroup at the top of Corkscrew. Ride through to Mt Lofty. Coffee at the Parade or the City