Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Weather Call - Ride Report

Six BG gathered at the City for the "weather call hills" ride. When none of the people (you know who you are) who requested the "Hills in good weather change" arrived we thought we had mad a bit of a mistake. However one look at the Crakerjack Morning was enough to dispel any doubts. 

For those of you curled up in bed it was cold but it was also bright sunshine, blue skies and  no wind. Given the numbers and the magnificant day it was decided to change the ride to the Hills face ride which we haven't done in many years. 

We climbed up Montacute into the Morialta national park and into the shade making the already fresh morning just a bit crisper. Alf who had agreed to come up to where the climb got steep was locked in a titanic battle with a gent who was attempting his first ascent of Montacute. Think Contador v Froome just much slower with Brian playing the role of the entire Sky Team including the team car. Alf's just ground him down meter by meter. His opponent cracked just before the ranger station. Job done Alf turned and headed home.

The rest of us climbed up Montacute into a absolutely spectacular morning in the Hills. There were lots of people and groups out. We kept together as we went over up and over Lofty and then descended down onto Sturt Valley road. The top section had been resurfaced into a perfect smooth bitumen. We turned and we confronted by Strada Bianca  Adesiva. "sticky gravel road". It was road underlay where the rain has soaked the top couple of centimeters. It was like riding through clag. We were in danger of being stopped dead still while still sitting upright on the bike this stuff was so sticky. Thankfully we all got through okay.  

We descended down windy point and had coffee at Papparazi on Unley Road.

See You next week